Five Blossoming Tech Industries & the Companies Pushing them Forward

It’s no secret—we are in the era of technology. Never in human history has progress been so rapid. This is partly because technology has taken control of the rate of progress. It is exponential. Between artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation, and robotics, the future is now. Technology, however, is not a monolith. While technologies are used in tandem to improve machinery, increase productivity, and solve problems, below are five blossoming tech industries and the companies pushing them forward.

Robotics, Sarcos

Robotics is a field that used to be stuff of dreams. It was a wild, far-fetched idea that might not ever come true. That is no longer the case. Now, robotics has almost reached those dreams. Sarcos is a company pushing robotics forward. They make robotic limbs for those who have lost one.

They manufacture robotic enhancements and a full exoskeleton suit. They are pushing the limits of what robotics means and how the field can both facilitate and improve human life. Robotics is keeping humans safe, improving our accuracy, and increasing our productivity.

Electric/Self-Driving Cars Tesla

Self-driving cars are essentially robots, but they are combining multiple technologies to create an industry all their own. Tesla is the undisputed champion of automated vehicles, but they are also the reigning battery manufacturer in the country. Not only is the company making cars that can drive themselves, but they are also manufacturing them to be powered only by electricity.

Tesla is changing the game when it comes to the car industry. Elon Musk and his staff are treating the car brand like a computer company, and it’s paying off. Tesla is becoming one of the world’s household names when it comes to cars. They have single-handedly made electric and automated vehicles viable.

Engineering Rocket Production, SpaceX

Love him or hate him, Elon Musk is making waves with more than one company in the world of technology. SpaceX has revolutionized rockets and the engineering it takes to get them off the ground. They have made the ability to put a satellite in orbit much cheaper.

They have innovated the cost of space travel and will continue to push the evolution of rocket engineering and interstellar travel. Only time will tell just how much SpaceX changes this technology and while it may not directly impact our daily lives today, it will probably change humanity tomorrow.

Cloud Storage, Google

As the digital world blossoms and becomes a universe, companies and individuals alike are looking for better ways to store data. Data is a very valuable resource in the modern world. It is like oil, gold, or water for technology. With data acquisition, you can determine so many things and analyze the information to create new products, understand demands, and target new market demographics.

Google is just one company pursuing the market of data storage, but they are one of the top names to do it. When you are a company of any kind, you need a place to store your data and doing it yourself can be difficult. Creating a customer data platform is a great way to gain information and understand your clients, but what good is it if you don’t have enough room to store the information? That’s where a company like Google comes in.

Artificial Intelligence, Amazon

Like cloud storage, artificial intelligence (AI) has a lot of players, but Amazon is one of, if not the top of the food chain. Artificial Intelligence is the ability for machines to teach themselves new things and respond to their surroundings and external stimuli. The flagship AI is Alexa, but the company has many more AI services.

Amazon is approaching AI as a daily service for humanity, but this doesn’t mean they aren’t developing sophisticated AI for themselves. It is a part of technology that is still evolving, but it will have a huge impact on all of humanity.

The five above tech industries and the companies pushing them forward are just a few examples of technological evolution. Only time will tell just how these industries will change over time. Whether it’s robotics, AI, cloud storage, space travel, or automation, one thing is for sure. The future will be interesting and most of us will be here to watch it unravel.

Ryan Beitler is a writer and journalist who has covered business and technology for multiple publications.

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