Fun Fitness Activities for Kids

One of the number one concerns of parents is that their kids aren’t getting enough exercise. Despite this, it can be so hard to get kids to engage in being active. Years ago, children had almost no choice but to be active, as running around outside was one of the only things they could do to stay entertained. Today, though, children have a number of options available to them to entertain themselves, many of which involve them sitting down. As a result, it’s important to make being active seem fun to kids.

To that avail, detailed below are a number of fitness activities for kids that are actually fun to do.


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Whether you pay for private swimming lessons or simply head down to the local pool on a somewhat regular basis, swimming is a full-body workout. Not only this, but it’s fun to do! If you’ve ever been on a family holiday abroad, you’ll know that kids spend 99% of their time in the pool. Swimming is an ideal way of having fun and keeping active, not to mention a valuable life skill. Being confident in water can literally be the difference between life and death, so don’t underestimate the power of regular swimming!

Make a Scavenger Hunt

Kids will inevitably be more inclined to exercise if there’s a goal that’s driving them to do so. As an adult, your goal might be improved fitness levels, weight loss, or increased muscle mass; however, this isn’t the case for children. Although regular exercise will improve their fitness levels, this is too much of a long-term goal to keep them motivated. Short-term incentives such as prizes on a scavenger hunt will keep them engaged and excited about the activity. You can hide objects in places that require them to climb, run, jump, and more.

Have a Dance Party

From musical statues to musical bumps, there are a number of dancing-themed games to get your kids moving. Simply put on their favorite songs and encourage them to get dancing. Dancing is a full-body workout, and it doesn’t even feel like it because it’s so fun! Make sure you get up and dance, too, especially if your little ones are feeling shy. It’s important to remind them that it’s okay to look silly – in fact, the sillier, the better. Dancing isn’t about looking good; it’s about having fun and breaking a sweat.

Play Follow the Leader

Follow the leader is a classic game, and the whole purpose of it is to be continuously moving. Even if it just involves walking, this is plenty of movement to keep children’s fitness levels up. Despite this, you should encourage the leader to incorporate a variety of movements into the routine – shuffling, crawling, skipping, hopping, etc. Everyone will then be required to follow suit, and an active workout will have been achieved. One of the great things about follow the leader is that it doesn’t require any equipment; it can be done anywhere and everywhere.

Go on a Bear Hunt

Everyone remembers the classic book and song, but what if you actually took your kids out on a bear hunt? Not only will this get their feet moving, but they’ll be exposed to a healthy dose of fresh air. What’s more, in environments such as forests, uneven terrains will call for climbing to make everything a little more challenging. Make sure you feed into the story, pointing out signs of where a bear may have been. Of course, this won’t be true, but you need to make sure your little ones’ imaginations are fueled!

Written by Eric

37-year-old who enjoys ferret racing, binge-watching boxed sets and praying. He is exciting and entertaining, but can also be very boring and a bit grumpy.