Genevieve Mecher – The Kid Playing With Obama In The White House

Real Name:Genevieve 'Vivi' Grace Mecher
Net Worth:N/A
Occupation:Daughter Of Jen Psaki And Gregory Mecher

Genevieve Mecher is a famous child. And she is one of the few that can say they played with former President Barack Obama in the White House. How is so? Well, her mother, Jen Psaki, worked as the press secretary for the White House.

And when you have a famous mother like that, and a celebrity life status, it is normal for people would be interested in you.

Her mother Jen Psaki has been an integral part of the Joe Biden administration as well. Jen left the Oval Office in May 2022 because she wanted to spend more time with her husband and kids.

With that in mind, Genevieve’s father is also famous as well. Her father Gregory Mecher is a deputy finance director.

Now let’s talk more about Genevieve Mecher and her life.

Famous Mother


The main reason why Genevieve Mecher is as famous as much as she is is because of her mother. Born Jennifer Rene Psaki in December 1978, Jen is an American political advisor. She served as the 34th White House press secretary from 2021 to 2022.

During her time in the Obama administration, she served as White House deputy press secretary in 2009, then White House deputy communication director from 2009 to 2011, and as the spokesperson for the United States Department of State from 2013 to 2015. From 2017 to 2020, Psaki was a political contributor for CNN.

She has been a fan of the Democratic Party her whole career. Jen started her career with the re-election campaign of Iowa Democrats Tom Harkin for the US Senate and Tom Vilsack for governor. She was also a press secretary for John Kerry and his 2004 presidential campaign.

When Obama ran for president, she served as traveling press secretary for the 2008 presidential campaign.

Shortly in 2011, she left the Obama administration and worked as senior vice president and managing director at the public relations firm Global Strategy Group. Yet, she returned during the 2012 reelection campaign.

Quick Bio

Gregory Mecher Children Wife 1

Now let’s get back to Genevieve Mecher, Jen Psaki’s daughter. Born in 2015 in Washington DC, she is the first child of Jen Psaki and her husband Gregory Mecher. At the time of her birth, Jen worked for President Obama as a communication director.

Her name is biblical. Named Genevieve Vive Grace by her parents, her name is popular in the Christian religion. It means God’s blessings. Even more important, back in the fifth century, there was a nun named Genevieve in Paris. Her incredible faith in Christianity and prayer helped protect the city against Attila the Hun.

Genevieve is a Christian, with Greek and Polish ancestry thanks to her parents.

Born in 2015, she is seven years now, ready for some elementary school. Before that, she was going to daycare and kindergarten.

Both of her parents are well-educated, and we can expect Genevieve to follow a high-education path. Her father Greg is a graduate of Northern Kentucky University and also studied at the Elder High School.

Her mother graduated from the College of William and Mary, and before that, she studied at Greenwich High School. Fun fact: her mother Jen was a member of the swimming team during her time at the College of William and Mary.

Gen was the first child, but her parents also had another child after her. She has a younger sibling, a baby boy named Matthew. He was born in April 2019, when her mother was working as a political contributor for CNN.

We don’t know much information about the two children, because Jen is extremely protective of her kid’s privacy.

Jen is always in the news due to her political affiliation, so she tries to keep her family away from the media. And we can certainly say, she succeeds in that to a degree.

Famous Photos of Genevieve Mecher


We said that Genevieve became famous because her mother worked at the White House. And that has its perks. For example, Genevieve has been in a couple of photos with former President Barack Obama.

One of the most famous photos of Genevieve is when she is crawling on the floor with President Obama playing with her. And then, there is the photo of the two of them sitting on chairs next to each other.

Not many babies can say they have an adorable picture with Barack Obama inside of the White House.

Married Life of Her Parents


Her parents Jen and Greg have been in a relationship for a long time. The two got married on May 8, 2010, in an intimate ceremony. At the time, Jen already started working for President Obama, so she tried to keep things private.

Their ceremony took place in Ridge, Maryland. The two met in 2006 when Jen was working at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the then chairman Rah Emanuel was coming to Philadelphia.

Psaki was trying to set up a web video for Emmanuel, and the driver of the chairman called her up and asked for directions. Sadly, she wasn’t good with directions and gave him the wrong ones unknowingly.

But the flip side is that her future husband, Gregory Mecher was on the other end of the line, and fell in love with her at that moment.

Cute story, right? After that, they started meeting each other as their work was in line with each other.

Net Worth

Genevieve Mecher is a young child. She doesn’t earn money yet. But her net worth is tied to her mother’s net worth.

Her mother Jen Psaki is a millionaire. According to some sources, Jen Psaki’s net worth is around $2 million. Her annual salary as Vice President for Communication and Strategy earned her between $76,000 and $237,000 per year.

And her average earnings as a CNN contributor is more than $80,000 per year. Jen is living a happy and luxurious life with her family. Let’s not forget, that Genevieve’s father is a successful businessman as well.

So, all things are good in the life of the Mecher family. Genevieve could happily choose a good education and school that her parents can afford to pay for.

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