Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses

Are you ready to take your Halloween costume to a new level of spookiness? Halloween coloured contact lenses have been rising in popularity for many years and are now an essential part of any top-notch Halloween costume. Wearing some freaky red coloured contact lenses or copying the eyes of your favourite horror movie character is the perfect way to complete your Halloween fancy dress. Gone are the days of throwing on a sheet and saying you are dressed as a ghost; Halloween is a seriously big holiday season that gives you a chance to test out some fun SFX makeup and get creative with all kinds of ghouls and monsters.

What types of coloured contacts for Halloween are there? The first question you should be asking is which lenses are best for my eyes. While the design is obviously the super fun part, making sure you care for your eyes during Halloween is very important. Make sure the measurements of the lenses match your eyes and that the lenses are purchased from a reputable seller. Look for FDA Approved lenses that are lightweight and breathable so you can ensure your eyes stay fresh and hydrated throughout your Halloween celebrations.

At you can read How To Guides that will help you find all the information you need to know to care for your eyes and your coloured contact lenses.

Now for the fun part; which lenses will be the perfect match for your Halloween fancy dress?

Character Lenses

Character Lenses are based on your on-screen favourites. From Darth Maul to Pennywise the Clown, you can match your eye colour to any character you like with Halloween contact lenses. Some lenses are specifically designed for these characters while others just happen to be the perfect match. For example, the Darth Maul lenses are based on Sith eyes from the Star Wars series whereas the Green Hulk lenses are the perfect match for the Hulk but also look amazing with a Maleficent costume.

Spooky Classics

Classic Halloween contact lenses such as red, white and black are versatile and can pair with so many classic Halloween creatures. Here are just a few of the costumes that are totally elevated by adding a pair of classic Halloween lenses:

  • Vampire
  • Zombie
  • Ghost
  • Witch
  • Broken Doll
  • Stitched Up Monster
  • Pumpkin
  • Demon

Monsters in the Shadows

There are some seriously creepy monster characters that have been featured in television and movies. The Stranger Things monster, Vecna is now firmly on the list of popular Halloween costumes as is the creature from Pan’s Labyrinth. Leave behind your human form to complete these gruesome characters with a pair of crazy lenses.

SFX & Prosthetics

Put your makeup skills to the test by adding prosthetics and SFX makeup to your Halloween costume. Designs such as fake wounds, horns, and extra eyes are so cool for the spooky season. You can pair coloured contacts with your SFX art to complete the final look. With styles such as Blood Splat to create the look of blood drips to your eyes or black mini sclera lenses to pair with your spider makeup looks, you will find so many creative ways to try out coloured contact lenses with your SFX costume makeup. You can even add some extra glow to your look when under UV baclklight with UV paint and a pair of UV coloured contacts. Choose from a range of colours and see your costume in glorious neon.

Shopping for Halloween coloured contacts is easy once you have found a reliable website to purchase from. Make sure the coloured contacts supplier you are shopping with prioritises eye safety and has FDA Approved lenses. Once you have found your favourite coloured contact lenses shop, you will be able to search through 100s of different styles every time you feel inspired to create a costume.

Written by Eric

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