Head In The Clouds: 5 Cloud Mistakes You Shouldn’t Overlook

Cloud technology can be beneficial to many businesses, but it’s important that you implement it in the right way. There are many common cloud computing blunders that business owners are oblivious to, which could end up causing harm to your business. Below are 5 common cloud mistakes to avoid.

Poor migration planning

When migrating all your data to the cloud for the first time – or when migrating to a different cloud server – it’s important to consider your approach. Moving everything at once could result in a lot of disruption, so it could be important to move data in stages. You may also want to prepare staff and warn customers of any potential downtime. By working with experts, you can plan the best way of migrating to the cloud. It’s worth noting that there are consultants out there that can also help you choose the best cloud provider as well as helping you gain a better understanding of how the cloud works.

Messy infrastructure

Your cloud data needs to be easy to navigate. Just as you need clear files and folders for documents when working offline, you also need clear files and folders when working off the cloud. If you’re using multiple cloud providers, consider which files will be located in which servers. If you want both servers to contain the same data so that one can act as a backup, make sure that identical copies are being stored on each.

Not considering the costs

Cloud server fees are something that you need to budget for. For some businesses that need large amounts of data storage, these fees can be quite expensive. Shopping around for cloud provider prices can help you to find the best deal. Some providers may offer packages, while others may be able to provide personalised quotes. Make sure to shop around every few years for prices just in case there are some better deals out there that you could be taking advantage of. The cost of migration is of course important to factor in.

Poor security practices

While storing data on the cloud can be more secure than storing it on a hard drive or local server, this data can still be hacked if the wrong person gets hold of passwords. By using multi-factor authentication and regularly changing passwords, you can keep your cloud data relatively secure. Make sure to choose a cloud server that encrypts your files to help fend off hackers. Some cloud providers may be able to offer additional security perks, which are worth looking into.

Choosing the wrong provider

There are many different cloud providers to choose from. Some of the most popular examples include Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, AWS Cloud and IBM Cloud (Kyndryl). It’s worth comparing each provider to see what fees they charge, what storage packages they offer and where they are available. You can compare some popular cloud storage options here. There are also smaller companies that can offer private cloud storage and more personalised cloud packages that could be worth exploring too.

Written by Eric

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