Housing layout in Turkey, what are the options?

Today properties in Turkey are one of the most popular destinations for profitable investment among foreigners. Choosing and buying real estate is a responsible task. To simplify the choice and to avoid mistakes, we recommend that you study reliable information regarding Turkish housing to understand and navigate the main issues related to its classification. In Turkey real estate agency can be found relatively easily, for example, you are able to get help from the Turk.Estate website.

This article will describe the main housing layouts that you will probably come across searching for a property in this country on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

Advantages of investing in Turkish real estate

In addition to the actual purchase of an apartment, buying property in Turkey opens up other prospects for the buyer. And you should also pay attention to them when planning a deal. So, the additional advantages of buying an apartment in Turkey are:

  • Obtaining a residence permit. When buying any property in Turkey, the buyer gets the right to issue a residence permit on the basis of TAPU.
  • Obtaining citizenship when buying real estate at a price of USD 250,000. When making a large purchase, the buyer can immediately obtain Turkish citizenship.
  • Opportunity to live in a wonderful climate. Turkey is the sun, sea, mountains, amazing nature, good ecology. Living in such a place is much more pleasant and healthier.
  • Opportunity to live in a country with a high level of development. Turkey is developing rapidly. Over the past decades, life in the country has changed significantly for the better, and positive changes continue.
  • High level of education. In this country, there are many prestigious schools and universities that students from different countries strive to get into.
  • Quality healthcare. Residents of the Republic of Turkey receive modern medical care and have access to quality medicines.
  • Good atmosphere and friendliness towards foreigners. In this friendly country, people from all over the world live and relax, and everyone feels great. Locals are sociable and easily make contact with foreigners.

As you can see, there are a lot of advantages in buying real estate in Turkey. And for most buyers, they are those important aspects that you should pay attention to when buying an apartment abroad.

Of course, when choosing a property, you must carefully evaluate its characteristics. It is important to choose an option that suits you perfectly in terms of area and layout. For example, a family with children is unlikely to be comfortable in a studio without a bedroom. And a single man absolutely does not need four bedrooms. Lack of space creates discomfort, and its overabundance – unnecessary costs.

Housing units’ options in Turkey

Properties in cities are represented by apartments located in residential complexes up to the number of stories of buildings. There is no concept of a “standard layout” here, and each developer brings their own characteristics to the building under construction, whether it is an interesting finish, the arrangement of spacious rooms with high-quality repairs, or wide view terraces.

In addition, in the vast majority of modern residential complexes, the internal infrastructure is provided in advance: outdoor and indoor swimming pools, hammam, playgrounds, barbecue area, gym, parking, 24/7 security, etc.

The layout of apartments

In the Republic of Turkey, they use their own classification of layouts in apartments. In the process of choosing a suitable one, the buyer is faced with unusual layout designations for him: 1 + 1, 2 + 1, 3 + 1.

  • Apartment 1 + 1

What does it mean? This type of layout can be attributed to economy-class housing. It has one bedroom and one living room with a kitchenette. That is in fact, a two-room apartment. This segment of apartments on the market is quite in demand, as it is suitable for those citizens who purchase square meters for recreation during the period of vacations or plan to rent them out.

Sometimes in 1 + 1 apartments, there are not one, but two bathrooms: one is near the bedroom, the other is a guest one, near the living room. Be sure to take into account a balcony or terrace in the 1 + 1 layout, where you can sit and relax, chat with friends.

According to the legislation, the smallest possible area of ​​apartments is at least 28.5 m2, but in fact, most of them are much more spacious – about 50-70 square meters.

  • Apartment 2 + 1

A more convenient option for couples with children, as it involves two bedrooms with their own bathrooms and a living room with a kitchen. The advantage is large balconies, sometimes there are even two. The space is approximately 60 to 100 square meters.

  • Apartment 3 + 1

The best option for a large family. There are three bedrooms, a living room with a kitchen (or a separate kitchen), two or three bathrooms, and at least two terraces. The average area range is 100 – 160 square meters.

Other types of layouts: 3 + 1, 4 + 1 – more often refer to penthouses or duplex apartments. In many cases, in such properties, the living room, guest bathroom, and kitchen are located on the first floor, and the bedrooms with access to the terrace area on the second floor.

Real estate in Turkey

If you have questions regarding the layout, types of housing, or you want to know how much an apartment, a penthouse, or a luxury villa on the Mediterranean coast costs, contact Turk.Estate agency. Long-term successful experience of the company will make it possible to realize your dream of buying Turkish real estate on the most favorable terms and without risks.

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