How to Celebrate Your 2021 Graduates

The year 2021 unfortunately welcomed us with the third wave of Covid-19 and increased regulations. People continue experiencing lockdowns and social distancing as part of the grand plan to help contain the virus. With these restrictions in place, students have now completed their courses online, and many graduation ceremonies have since been postponed or honored in a different way.

So how will you celebrate safely, considering all the rules in place without sacrificing fun on this big day? The standard approach for celebrating graduations used by many schools in the past year has been opting for virtual celebrations. Not only is it a perfect way to celebrate safely, but you can also include as many people as you want. But as we have learned, there are other alternatives for graduates celebrations.

Different Graduation Ceremony Approaches

There are different ways in which you can decide to celebrate that big day. But with each, there are four significant steps to keep in mind to ensure that you get the best experience of a lifetime including:

1. Plan

In this step you will sort through all of the logistics needed to execute your event. The major challenge here is to decide the kind of event you want to have. Based on our current state of the world, you have the option to choose among drive-by, virtual celebrations, a socially distanced gathering or a simple family get together. Once you make this decision, it will give you a sense of direction on how to move forward.

In the planning stage, you have to consider factors such as the number of people you want at the party, the party’s location, and the party’s set-up. You will also have to write the list of things you will need, such as the decorations, balloons, food, supplies, etc. – items that are necessary for a good party.

2. Source

Once you are done with planning, sourcing the items on your list is an essential step. You may need to shop around to source supplies for your celebration and check in to ensure everything will arrive and be ready on time. At this stage, you will likely also make calls or send invites to all the people on your list asking for their availability.

3. Follow Up

The third step is to follow up on everything that you did previously. You’ll want to check in on any pending orders placed before it gets too late. It may also be helpful to consider sourcing vendor alternatives if needed so that nothing will mess up your event.

You should also call all your invites to confirm if they will be attending so that you can begin the arrangements. You will want to start setting up the station early enough, especially if it is an outdoor event. At this stage, it’s all about finalizing the small details.

4. Execute

To finish off, you have to execute the plan. You will ultimately set up the venue of your graduation party. If you’re doing something at home this may entail preparing your backyard, cleaning the pool maybe, or mowing your lawn. Ensure that everything is set up as planned and then all you have to do is wait for your guests to come through.

Whatever celebration you decide to go with, the important thing to keep in mind is that the event is all about celebrating the grad’s achievements. If desired, you can set aside time for the grad to say a short speech about their school experience through the years and appreciate the ones who helped them get through their journey.

Finishing studies is a significant achievement, and two or so years ago, grads would typically be in a cap and gown with hundreds of fellow graduates celebrating their big day. However, at these current times, while that may not be the option, you can still compromise and consider the alternative celebrations. Get good ideas, plan them, and celebrate your grad’s success safely.

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