How To Decide What Lawyer Is The Right One For Your Case

There are quite a few unfortunate situations that can befall anyone. Some are caused by personal choices, and actions, other times these things happen to you. You may feel confused, hurt, or angry. Certain situations merit the help of a specific type of lawyer. Just as you would not go to an orthodontist for dental work or an ophthalmologist for heart issues, you need to select a lawyer who is specifically trained and versed in the area of your need.

Motorcycle Accidents

This is a top reason to contact a lawyer. If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident that was not your fault, this action should be among your first. If you are a victim of an accident caused by speeding, drunk driving, driving while sleepy or distracted, or just plain reckless, you have good grounds for legal action. 

Things can get tricky and complicated very quickly if you make the wrong move. Any seasoned motorcycle accident attorney like those at Marks & Harrison will not only help with your claim but caution you to keep your peace. Speak to no one on the scene or otherwise about the accident. Wait for the police officer who will take your statement. He or she is the only person you need to be speaking to. Anything you say to another party can be misconstrued and used against you. 

You would also be advised not to accept too quickly a claim from the other person’s insurance. They would not be acting in your best interest but would be looking to settle the case and claim for the lowest possible amount. You would have shot yourself in the foot had you signed an acceptance to this offer. 

Get proper representation and compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain, and suffering, and more. Legal advice will be yours at no cost. Representation is given freely and payment is only on condition of a victory.

Workplace Woes

It is a sad reality that many people have lost their jobs by way of wrongful termination and have done nothing to fight this action. If an injustice like this has been done to you, waste no time in speaking to and contracting a wrongful termination lawyer. Did you lose your job because of discrimination, breach of contract, harassment, or retaliation? You may have felt like your boss orchestrated you quitting the job, making the work environment especially tense and toxic. How about receiving termination notice while you were out of work on state-approved medical leave. 

If any of these or related incidents have occurred, please stand for your rights and seek legal counsel. Be sure to gather evidence against your former employer or the company in general. Save emails, texts, and whatever other means of communication are used. Once again, keeping your thoughts to yourself is important. Always remember that what you say and to whom you say it could come back to haunt you. By doing these two things you would have already put yourself in the winning lane. 

Complicated Divorce

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Even when going smoothly, this is not something that is pleasant. When it takes a turn to become nasty and vengeful, run to a divorce lawyer. Your emotional health may not be the prime focus of this professional but your justice will be. Is your spouse attempting to maliciously cut you out or cut you short of what you deserve? Lawyer up. Where combined assets and investments are concerned, it would be wise not to go this route alone. 

If a custody battle erupts between you and your spouse, you know exactly what needs to be done. Where some persons might be fine with giving up money, property, and land, losing rights to their children is where the line is drawn. 

Someone who is savvy on these particular matters will be a saving grace for you. The complexities of such a case will overwhelm anyone not expertly trained specifically for these issues. Never be coerced into signing a divorce settlement. Once a document like this is signed, there is no going back. You are well and truly bound. Avoid any pitfalls and regret by having an attorney guide you through the process. 

Let someone else shoulder the stress of it all in these situations. You would have been through enough. Car accidents have taken so many lives and negatively transformed so many others. Thousands of jobs have been lost around the world for shady reasons. So many people, robbed of their daily earnings, spouses tearing at each other in divorce proceedings. The right lawyer will be your absolute best friend in all of these situations. 

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