How to find the best chef uniforms for your business

Chefs work in some of the hottest and fastest-paced working environments out there, so their clothing has to reliably keep them cool and comfortable.

As their uniforms are so important to the roles, chefs need to trust the garments they’re buying and the places they purchase them from.

Here are the five things chefs should look for when choosing their new chef uniforms:

1. Purchase a uniform suitable for their role

It’s vital chefs choose clothing that keeps them comfortable and cool on shift, so they need to choose clothing designed with their role in mind.

Chefs should look for chef jackets that feature moisture-wicking technology to make their uniforms more breathable. Wicking helps to quickly move excess sweat from the inside of the chef jacket to the outside so it can evaporate, and it keeps the wearer drier, cooler and far more comfortable.

Chefs can find uniforms with moisture wicking technology from specialist catering garment manufacturers such as Alexandra. Our design team works alongside chefs to solve the day to day challenges chefs face, and we continually update our ranges to suit the latest safety standards.

2. Choose a supplier that does everything

One of the best ways for chefs to make their life easier is to purchase uniforms from a quality supplier that offers everything they need in one place. This ensures that all their workwear remains the same high quality, is up to industry standards and is likely to keep chefs comfortable all shift long.

Alexandra is one such example because they offer everything chefs need to complete their uniforms in one place. They stock chef jackets, trousers, aprons, accessories and PPE in a range of colours, styles and sizes so chefs can find the perfect uniform for their business.

Chefs can even personalise many of our products through our bespoke embroidery service. This service allows chefs to add a custom design, logo, employee name or anything else to their garment, and it’s the perfect way to build a recognisable brand.

3. Buy uniform with a long guarantee

Choosing a new uniform takes time and can be expensive, so it’s something a busy chef doesn’t want to be doing very often. However, by purchasing garments from manufacturers that offer a lengthy guarantee, chefs get uniforms they can rely on and reduce the amount of time they spend replacing clothing.

When chefs shop with Alexandra, every garment comes with a two-year guarantee from the date of delivery. This guarantee helps to save business owners money, cuts the time spent looking for clothing and helps the environment by reducing the need to purchase new workwear continually

4. Choose a uniform that’s the right size

When purchasing a uniform, one of the most significant stressors can be knowing whether it fits properly to allow freedom of movement.

Alexandra’s expert team of fitters has years of experience in sizing uniforms for chefs across the sector to help business owners find the perfect size for every body shape.

Alongside Alexandra’s professional fitting service, they offer handy sizing guides to help anyone get the fit they need. Watch their YouTube video tutorials to determine how to measure and read the size guide table to find the correct Alexandra size.

5. Look for easy online order

Purchasing online can be difficult, especially if the website is challenging to navigate or doesn’t stock the items needed.

Alexandra recently relaunched their website, redesigning it from the ground up to be easy to use. They have a handy search function that suggests appropriate uniform options and remembers ones searchers previously looked at so they can easily find them again.

The manufacturer also offers a QuickOrder system accessible from any user account to reorder uniform styles time and time again easily.

Shop the wide range of Alexandra chef uniforms here.

Written by Eric

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