How To Plan The Perfect Going Away Party For A Coworker

When someone leaves your company, it can feel a bit like losing a family member. You want to do something special to say goodbye, but you might not know where to start. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! In this blog post, we will walk you through all the steps necessary to plan the perfect going away party for a coworker. We’ll give you tips on picking a venue, making a guest list, picking out a theme, and more! So read on and get started planning the party of the year!

Pick a Venue

One of the first things you will need to do when planning a going away party is to pick a venue. This can be anything from someone’s home to a local bar or restaurant. You can also choose a corporate event venue that can accommodate a large group. As you are making your decision, keep in mind the size of your guest list and the budget you have set aside for the party. Also, keep in mind the location since you will want to choose a venue that is convenient for your guests. By choosing the right venue, you can help make your party a success.

Make Your Guest List

The next thing you should do is make your guest list. This can be a bit tricky, but it’s important to get as many people as possible to attend. Start by sending out invitations and then follow up with a phone call or email if you need to. As you are making your list, try to include people from all aspects of the coworker’s life. This will help make the party more memorable. In addition, try to include people from different departments or levels within the company. By doing this, you will make the party more inclusive and everyone will feel like they had a chance to say goodbye.

Pick a Theme

Once you have your guest list finalized, it’s time to pick a theme for the party. This can be anything from a simple get-together to a themed party. If you decide to go with a theme, make sure it is something that everyone will enjoy. For example, if your coworker is a fan of a certain TV show, you could throw a themed party around that show. Or, if your coworker is into sports, you could have a party with a sports theme. Picking the right theme can help make your party even more memorable.

Pick a Band or DJ

The next step is to pick a band or DJ for the party. This will help set the mood and create an overall atmosphere for the event. If you are on a budget, you might want to consider hiring a DJ instead of a band. This will save you money and your guests will still have a great time. However, keep the genre of music in mind when making your decision. You don’t want to pick a DJ that your guests won’t enjoy. On the other hand, if you have more money to spend, hiring a band can be a great option. Usually, bands are more interactive and can help create a more festive atmosphere.

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Decide on Food and Beverages

Now, let’s move on to food and beverages. This is an important part of the party planning process, so you will want to take your time and make sure you choose the right options. Since it’s a party, you should consider serving hors d’oeuvres and drinks instead of a full meal. This will save you time and money. In terms of drinks, you should probably serve mostly alcoholic drinks with few options for those who do not drink. For example, you can make alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions of the same cocktail. As for food, you can choose anything from pizza to a buffet. Just make sure it is something that everyone will enjoy.

Ask Coworkers to Bring Useful Gifts

Now, it’s time to start thinking about gifts. Your coworkers are sure to want to bring something special for the party. However, rather than giving them a list of things they can buy, ask them to bring a useful gift instead. This could be anything from a nice bottle of wine to a household appliance. Or, you can ask them to bring a gift card to a local store. By doing this, you will make the party more special and everyone will feel like they contributed something.

Include Some Games and Fun Activities

One of the best ways to keep your guests entertained is by including some games and fun activities. For example, you can set up a photo booth or have a table with games like Twister or Jenga. Or, you could put together a scavenger hunt for your guests to do. Maybe you would like to organize a karaoke contest or a dance party. The possibilities are endless, so be sure to choose something that your guests will enjoy. You can also ask the rest of your coworkers to help out with this.

Take Photos

Don’t forget to take plenty of photos to remember the party! This is a special occasion, so you will want to capture all the memories. You can either have a professional photographer there or ask someone to take pictures with their phone. By doing this, you will be able to look back on the party and reminisce about all the good times had by everyone. In addition, make sure to print out a few photos to put in a scrapbook or photo album.

Give a Toast

Last but not least, don’t forget to give a toast to your coworker! This is the perfect opportunity to say goodbye and thank them for all the good times you’ve had together. Make sure your toast is heartfelt and memorable. And, of course, raise your glass and drink to a job well done!

Now that you know how to plan the perfect going away party for a coworker, it’s time to get started. Follow these tips and your party will be a success! Best of luck and have fun!

Written by Eric

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