Is Ordering In Better Than Eating Out? Check Out These Suggestions

Eating out has always been considered a sort of treat. Having someone serve you, being able to choose from a variety of excellent meals, everything nicely displayed, etc, are all small luxuries we like to allow ourselves now and then. The restaurant industry is a very serious and competitive one, and, therefore, the quality it strives to achieve is also very high. On the other hand, this also means a relatively high price is required.

The other option is, of course, to have that same food brought to you. This certainly limits how much a food establishment can do in terms of presentability, but it does over a comfy service, where you can be treated without even having to leave your home. This poses the question – what option is better? Is there a certain trend we might be missing? Check out these suggestions to find out.

The Logistics of Eating Out

If you decide that going out to a restaurant or any other similar food establishment is what you need, there are a few things that need to be done besides simply walking out the door with an empty stomach. You need to prepare accordingly, to avoid any unpleasant situations and social stigma.

First of all, you need to dress. Going out in pajamas or shorts is maybe acceptable in some areas, but not in restaurants or clubs, where there is often a dress code too. After that – where will you park? If you are going downtown chances are that you will need a car to get there, but also a place to park it. In which case you won’t be able to drink any alcohol, at least not more than a very small glass.

The list is extensive and will greatly depend on where you are heading and what you expect from the service.

The Economics of Ordering In

The beforementioned alternative, ordering in, is becoming more and more popular. This is due not only because of a change in modern eating habits but also because the food industry is changing in itself. Today you have the option to choose your meal with a simple touch on a smartphone and with the even get free delivery. While the food may be priced the same or just a little less than if sitting in the establishment, you will generally spend far less money this way.

Restaurants make a great profit on drinks, and if you’re able to get them yourself while shopping you don’t have to order from them. Also, not wasting time on going to a place, saving on fuel, parking fees, and other small things all add up to make ordering in much more financially beneficial than eating out.

Presentation Vs Comfort

The greatest advantage of eating out is the presentation that one couldn’t get otherwise. A well-designed eating saloon, pleasant waiters serving you, fresh food arranged by the cook personally… all of this makes going out to eat a very pleasant, and a bit luxurious experience. There are other advantages too, you get to enjoy some sort of entertainment, especially if it’s the weekend, you might use the occasion like a formal event such as a business diner, and so on.

But for some, all of this is outweighed by the comfort and simplicity of eating at home. Maybe you don’t feel like preparing food for yourself, or you have a lot of guests coming over and just don’t have the time to work in the kitchen – whatever the case, you have the option to order food delivery. Ordering food also means you can choose something healthier, instead of just munching on snacks in the evening.

When at home you can eat dressed in whatever clothes you fancy, you can blast your music or put on a movie and watch it from a couch. Comfort such as this, at least for now, is unobtainable in classical restaurants.

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Social Dilemma

Another question that needs to be asked – is there a social dilemma here? Eating out is seen by some to be too great of a luxury, as it is not necessary and only forces many people to work in a field where there is little room for advancement and the pay is relatively low. This, coupled with the rather large amount of food being thrown in this industry, raises concern to supporting it to its fullest, that is – going to the establishment itself to be served.

Ordering in actually solves at least some of these problems, as it means that there will be less food thrown out (for presentation sake), and that, at least theoretically, you will not be supporting a job that pays little for a lot of services. On the other side of the coin are drivers who are irregularly employed, though that is a different story.

And, maybe most importantly, eating out in public may carry with it the risk of various infections, as this is something that you cannot control once surrounded by a lot of people. It will be discussed next, but the restrictions imposed during the corona epidemic targeted public eating places for a reason.

How Has Covid-19 Affected This?

The recent global pandemic has left a deep scar in our society, with people being forced to stay at home and abandon many social habits they used to have. Not only has this affected our personal lives, but it has also affected the economy and the food industry.

Now that we’ve been forced to adapt, we tend to order food delivery much more than we used to, and the industry is adapting to it. The general notion is that the diversification of the food delivery system is good in the long run and will bring about technological and economic advancement for many. It is indeed safer to eat in the comfort of your own home and to carefully choose who will sit next to you at the table. Though a consequence of a restrictive measure it is a bit of a privilege in itself.

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The problem is laid out, but the conclusion isn’t clear. Eating out will, of course, never cease to exist as it is sometimes a necessity, but mostly something we simply want to do from time to time. But the way the modern world works forces us to change old habits and, if nothing else, eat at home with friends and family without having to dirty the kitchen while preparing it.

Written by Eric

37-year-old who enjoys ferret racing, binge-watching boxed sets and praying. He is exciting and entertaining, but can also be very boring and a bit grumpy.