James Padraig Farrell – Helping His Father Colin Farrell Overcome Problems

Real Name:James Padraig Farrell
Birthday:September 12, 2003
Net Worth:N/A
Occupation:Son Colin Farrell and Kim Bordenave

James Padraig Farrell is a celebrity kid famous for being the firstborn child of Irish actor Colin Farrell. He is also the oldest son of Farrell. His mother is American model Kim Bordenave, the former girlfriend of the Irish actor.

How much do you know about James? Read on to find out how he helped his father Colin overcome certain problems and challenges in life.

James is of Irish and Polish ancestry.

Who Is His Father?

First, we have to talk about his famous father, actor Colin James Farrell. Born on May 31st, 1976, Colin is an Irish actor, known as the leading man in several movies and television projects. He has appeared both in blockbuster movies and independent films.

Fun fact: his father played football for Shamrock Rovers FC and ran a health food shop. His uncle, Tommy Farrell, also played for Shamrock Rovers. Colin has an older brother, Eamon Jr., and two sisters, Claudine Farrell and Catherine Farrell.

The famous actor began his education at St. Brigid’s National School, followed by an exclusive all-boys private school Castleknock College, and then Gormanston College in County Meath.

Fun fact: during this period, Colin auditioned for the boy band Boyzone, but wasn’t accepted.

Farrell was inspired to begin an acting career when he saw Henry Thomas and his performance in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial in 1982.

His brother encouraged him and Colin got into the Gaiety School of Acting. He dropped out when he was cast as Danny Burne in the drama Ballykissangel.

During his career, Colin has earned several accolades, including a Golden Globe Award and the Venice Film Festival’s Volpi Cup for Best Actor.

The actor made his film debut in the drama film The War Zone. After taking the lead role in the war drama film Tigerland in 2000, his career began to rise. Then, he got a shot in the sci-fi thriller Minority Report in 2002, directed by Steven Spielberg.

His roles include Daredevil, Alexander, The New World, Miami Vice, The Lobster, Pride and Glory, Horrible Bosses, Fantastic Beasts, Saving Mr. Banks, and more.

Who Is His Mother?

Now let’s talk about the mother of James Padraig Farrell. Her name is Kim Bordenave, and she is an American model. She dated Colin Farrell from 2002 to 2003.

Born in 1972 in Canada, she is entering her 50s. Kim holds American and Canadian nationality and belongs to the African American ethnic background.

Following her relationship with Colin, she dated other people and now is happily married to her husband Jimmy Gamboa.

Quick Bio

James Padraig Farrell is a celebrity child, famous because of his father, actor Colin Farrell. Born on September 12, 2003, in Los Angeles, California, he also has a step-sibling from his father’s second marriage. His name is Henry Tadeusz Farrell.

Colin and model Kim Bordenave split after the birth of their child. His parents were never married.

James was born with a rare genetic condition called Angelman Syndrome. He suffers from mental and physical problems due to his condition.

In 2015, his father stated that he hasn’t dated in years because he is too busy raising James and his step-brother, Henry Tadeusz Farrell.

Collin’s Relationships And Children

For many years, Colin Farrell was considered a womanizer, one of the more popular bachelors in Hollywood. He has been linked to a variety of celebrities.

For example, he has dated singer Britney Spears and actress Angelina Jolie. His first marriage was to Amelia Warner, an English actress and singer. They had a marriage ceremony in Tahiti, meaning it was non-legally binding. In 2001, they split.

From 2001 to 2003, Colin was linked to several celebrities. That list includes American supermodel Nicole Narain, Josie Maran, American actress Angelina Jolie, Demi Moore, Maeve Quinlan, pop sensation Britney Spears, and then eventually Kim Bordenave, the mother of his oldest son.

From 2007 to 2008, he dated Irish medical student Muireann McDonnell. Then he was in a relationship with British-American writer Emma Forrest.

In her memoir, Your Voice in My Head, she talked in depth about the relationship. According to her, she and Farrell planned to have a child together. But they ended their relationship before that.

In 2009, the famous actor fathered his second son with Polish actress Alicja Bachleda Curus. But their relationship ended in mid-2010.

Collin’s Controversies

Over the years, actor Colin Farrell has been subject to many controversies. For example, in December 2005, he checked into a rehabilitation center for addictions to recreational drugs and painkillers.

Then, in January 2006, he filed a lawsuit against his ex-girlfriend, American model Nicole Narain, citing unauthorized public distribution of a 13-minute sex tape that they had made in 2003. He was offered $5 million for his rights by the Internet Commerce Group. In April 2006, Colin and his ex-girlfriend reached a confidential settlement. confidential settlement

James Helping Collin Get Sober

As we said before, Colin Farrell had trouble with recreational drugs. But his motivation to get sober is James, his oldest son.

The actor remembers sobbing following the delivery of his son. In the beginning, he mistook his tears for the enjoyment of the arrival of his newborn baby. But he rapidly understood it may have been associated with his underlying dread of being a father where he was extremely dependent on drugs.

He was a heavy drug consumer at the time, and he wanted help changing into sober. Colin wanted to be part of his son’s life.

So, he attended therapy in 2005, two years after the birth of his son. After getting clear, he credited his son James Padraig Farrell for motivating him to take action.

James Health Issues

As we said before, James was born with a rare genetic condition called Angelman syndrome. This condition has hampered his day-to-day existence.

It is an advanced genetic illness that impacts the neurological system and causes issues with mobility, speech, intelligence, and more.

There is no particular therapy for this illness. Yet, James has been working to beat it and stay in a self-sufficient existence.

His father has mentioned that James has trouble even viewing a movie. His condition has restricted his skill to sit down for greater than 10 minutes.

Is He Active On Social Media?

You might be able to find a private profile of James. But he is not active on social media. His father is not active as well.

All the accounts that you might find on Instagram with the name Colin Farrell are fan accounts and fan pages.

Net Worth

Colin Farrell is quite a successful actor. That has allowed his sons to live a lavish lifestyle. He provides everything his sons need. And with James’ condition and illness, he is unable to work for a living.

Luckily, his father earns a decent amount from his movies. As of February 2023, Colin’s net worth is more than $80 million.

Some of his best movies include In Bruges, Minority Report, Widows, Alexander, and others.

The famous Irish actor owns homes in Dublin and Los Angeles. He and his sons live in both homes, depending on which continent they are in.

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