Jeremy Yaffe – Former Spouse Of Alan Arkin

Real Name:Jeremy Yaffe
Net Worth:N/A
Occupation:Former American Nurse, Former Wife of Alan Arkin

We know Hollywood is a great spot for celebrity wives. One such celebrity spouse is Jeremy Yaffe, the former wife of American actor Alan Arkin.

Known as the ex-wife of the actor, she has remained away from the media spotlight following their divorce. Jeremy was born in Massachusetts, United States to parents George Yaffe and Ninna Yaffe.

But how much do we know about her? Let’s find out.

Who Is Her Former Husband?

First, we have to begin with her former husband, Alan Wolf Arkin. Born in March 1934, he is an American actor, screenwriter, and entertainer. His career spanned more than six decades, a period in which he won an Academy Award, BAFTA Award, Golden Globe Award, Tony Award, and Screen Actors Guild Award. He has awards both for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor.

During his career, he performed both on stage and on the screen. Some of his best movies include Little Miss Sunshine, Wait Until Dark, The Russians are Coming the Russians are Coming, Glengarry Glen Ross, Popi, Catch-22, Argo, Get Smart, and more.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, he is the son of David I. Arkin, a painter and a writer. His mother Beatrice was a teacher. Arkin was raised in a Jewish family with no emphasis on religion. Alan’s grandparents were immigrants from Ukraine, Russia, and Germany. His parents moved to Los Angeles when he was 11 years old. Yet, because of a Hollywood strike, his father lost his job as a set designer.

During the 1950s Red Scare, his parents were accused of being Communists, and his father was fired after refusing to answer questions about his ideology.

During his childhood, Arkin took acting lessons. He began when he was 10, and then became a scholarship student at drama academies. One was run by the Stanislavsky student Benjamin Zemach, who taught Arkin all about the psychological approach to acting.

He was an early member of the Second City comedy troupe in the 1960s. He made his feature film acting debut in a small role in the musical film Calypso Heat Wave. During the 1960s, Arkn appeared in series like ABC Stage 67 and East Side/West Side.

It wasn’t until the 1970s that he established himself as an actor, mainly appearing in comedies and dramas. He starred as Capt. John Yossarian in the movie Catch-22 in 1970, a satirical black comedy adapted from a 1961 novel. For this performance, he received a Laurel Award nomination, putting his career on the rise.

During the 1970s, some of his best movies include Rafferty and the Gold Dust Twins, The In-Laws, Hearts of the West, and more.

In 1975, he directed the Broadway production of Neil Simon’s The Sunshine Boys, receiving a Tony Award nomination for Best Direction of a Play.

It took a while for Arkin to win an Academy Award. That happened after he appeared in Little Miss Sunshine in 2006. For his appearance in a supporting role in Argo, a movie directed by Ben Affleck, he received his fourth Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

Quick Bio

Now let’s talk about the former wife of the American actor. Jeremy Yaffe was a regular lady who rose to prominence after her relationship with the famous actor.

Born in 1937 in Massachusetts, she is in her 80s nowadays. Yet, many people still want to know a thing or two about her.

Before getting into the Hollywood limelight, she worked as a nurse. After many years of working as a nurse, she got famous as the ex-wife of American actor Alan Arkin.

Her husband began his career as a struggling actor playing small roles but made it big. Fun fact: Her husband formed a vocal group specializing in folk music. It was called The Terrier, in which he was the guitarist and lead singer.

Marriage to Alan

There is no information about how Alan and Jeremy met. Some reports claim they have known each other for a while. But there is no information about when exactly they met. She was his first wife.

Jeremy and Alan got married in 1955 and remained together until 1961. Since then, he has been married two more times, to Barbara Dana from 1964 to 1994, and to Suzanne Newlander Arkin since 1996.

Jeremy and Alan welcomed their first baby, Adam Arkin in August 1956. They welcomed their second child, Matthew Arkin in March 1960.

You can say they had a fruitful marriage in the first couple of years, welcoming two sons. Yet, they could not make it work. In 1961, they filed for a divorce and their marriage was terminated.

Jeremy raised Adam until he was seven years old, while Matthew resided in Greenwich Village with his father and stepmother.

Fun fact: the two boys starred in the Academy Award-nominated short film, People Soup. Their father directed the movie.

Do They Have Children Together?

As we said before, Jeremy and Alan have two sons together. The famous actor has three sons in total, but two come from his marriage to Yaffe.

Adam Arkin was born in August 1956, while Matthew Arkin was born in March 1960. Following his divorce from Yaffe, he got married to actress Barbara Dana from 1964 to 1994. Together, they have a son, Anthony Arkin.

Anthony worked as an actor and editor, known for movies like Succession, Madoff, and The Americans. He was born in 1967 and got married to Amelia Campbell in 1997.

Is She On Social Media?

As we said before, Jeremy Yaffe is now in her 80s. You cannot expect an old lady like her to be active on social media, right?

Besides, she has stayed away from the media spotlight following her divorce from Adam. Her husband is not active on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

There are a couple of fan pages of her husband you can find on Instagram, but they are not verified profiles.

Net Worth

We said Jeremy worked as a nurse for many years. Whether she returned to that profession following her divorce from the Award-winning actor is a mystery.

We do not know her earnings or net worth. On the other hand, Alan is an American actor with a net worth of more than $10 million.

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