Jon-Michael Ecker – The Lion Of Narcos

Real Name:Jon-Michael William Ecker
Birthday:March 16, 1983
Net Worth:$1 million
Height:180 cm
Occupation:American Actor

Jon-Michael Ecker is an American actor with Latin American roots. He speaks fluent Spanish, which helps him with his role in Narcos. Many fans recognize him as the Lion in Narcos, but also for his appearance in Major Crimes.

Born in March 1983, Jon-Michael Ecker is an American actor famous for some of his telenovela appearances. Jon is also the son of Brazilian American actor, Guy Ecker.

Early Life


Born in San Marcos, Texas, in March 1983, he is the son of actor Guy Ecker and an unidentified woman. We do not know much about his mother, but we do know his father. On that note, his father Guy Ecker was a famous actor known for work in Latin American projects, especially telenovelas.

As a young child, Jon-Michael followed in his father’s footsteps, starring in Latin American works. He graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara with a degree in Aquatic Biology. That probably didn’t spell an acting career. But he then went on to receive extensive acting training at Centro de Educacion Artistica in Mexico City.

He was raised in the United States but has deep ties with Latin America. We do know his father was married to Estela Sainza in 2000, but the duo had separated.

Born in March, his zodiac sign is Pisces. That intense and adventurous nature characterizes his personality for sure.


Here is a fun fact for you. Jon appeared in Gossip Girl: Acapulco, which is the Mexican counterpart of the American TV series, Gossip Girl.

As we said before, Jon Ecker followed in his father’s footsteps and appeared in a couple of telenovelas. Some of them include Corazon Valiente. Michael Ecker delivered a heart-winning performance after another to appear to a large audience.

Here is another fun fact. We said he got a degree in Aquatic biology. Before he was your favorite Latin American celebrity, he even worked as a Marine biologist. Following his retirement from that profession, he started his acting career.

But his biggest project remains Narcos. He appeared on the TV show from 2015 to 2016. Other projects include Major Crimes Queen of South, NCIS: New Orleans, and Criminal Minds alongside Terry Serpico and Jay Karnes.

Let’s finish off the part of his career with another interesting fact. He appeared in a Hallmark movie as well. In 2021, Jon had a lead role in Gingerbread Movie.

Personal Life


How much do we know about his personal life? Is he married? Who is he dating? Well, we have to take into account his past relationships.

He initially dated and even got married to Mexican actress Barbara Mori. They dated for two years before getting married in 2014. But they separated after a while.

Then, he dated Laura James, and the two started dating in March 2021. She is a well-known model, and the two look happy together.

He is one of the more attractive actors in Hollywood, and it is no surprise he manages to date some attractive women. His fans cannot get enough of his pictures.

Social media users always notice how Jon and Laura look sweet on their different Instagram accounts. Some say they started dating in January 2020. But some say it started much later than that.

Now, talking about his hobbies, Jon-Michael Ecker is definitely a fun guy to be around. Speaking about himself, he says he enjoys watching movies, hanging out with friends and fellow stars, and listening to his all-time favorite singers.

Now, that might sound too normal, but there is more. Jon is a fitness lover. He often posts his workout routine on Instagram and shares workout and running photos with his fans and followers.

But the thing we love the most about him is that he is a pet lover. Jon loves horses and he enjoys spending time with them over the weekend. You can find photos of him with his horses on Instagram as well.

Net Worth

We said several times Jon is a famous Latin actor. He appeared in quite a few telenovelas, and we know those earn money. So, how much is his net worth?

As a famous public figure, Jon is focused on his career and bright future. He has earned a decent amount of money so far. Some sources say his net worth is more than $1 million.

Now, there are celebrities in Hollywood that earn much more. But at the end of the day, Jon is a millionaire.

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