Kaynette Williams – Net Worth, Early Life, Relationship And Career

Real Name:Kaynette Francis Gern
Birthday:February 20, 1973
Net Worth:N/A
Height:168 cm
Occupation:American Manager (Former), Teacher, Woman's Rights Activist,
Ex-wife of Blake Shelton

There are so many people in the showbiz industry that have earned some level of fame as a result of their relationship with a very popular celebrity. Kaynette Williams is one of those people. The American TV personality and the host became popular when she married to the country music star, Blake Shelton.

Shelton is a seven-time Grammy Awards nominee and is very much recognized for his role in the TV show, The Voice. While they were together, Kaynette used to work as Blake’s manager. However, she’s in a different line of work these days. We will be telling you all there is to know about Kaynette Williams, her early life, personal life, relationships, fortune, and other interesting details.

Early Life

Kaynette Williams was born on February 20th, 1973, in Ada, Oklahoma, USA, as Kaynette Francis Gern. Her birth sign is Pisces. She is an American and also an only child. Her father used to be a worker at a local newspaper, while her mother used to be a teacher. As Kaynette now works as a maths teacher, people often remark that she is following the steps of her mother.

As for her education, Kaynette Williams is believed to have completed her education up to the university level, earning a degree in human science and financial matters although the time and place of her schooling was not known. Growing up, she is said to have been passionate about being a part of the school programs to host different kinds of programs and competitions. Her experience from school definitely helped her in life as she now works as a women rights activist, raising voices to help maintain and promote the fight for the rights of women.


Apart from being Blake Shelton’s Ex-wife, Kaynette is often recognized as a TV personality. She first met Blake Shelton at Oklahoma High School. They became sweethearts shortly after graduating high school when they were about 15 years. They were very young at the time and felt that they were right for each other, and they started dating each other.

Two years later, she moved to Nashville, Tennessee, with Shelton, where she helped him advance his career. She worked as his stage manager and later on his manager and tour manager for close to a decade. Rumors have it that Blake’s career wouldn’t have taken off if not for Williams by his side helping and encouraging him.

Blake Tollison Shelton is a successful American country music singer and television personality born on June 18th, 1976 in Ada, Oklahoma, USA. He rose to fame in 2001 with his debut singleAustin” from his self-titled debut album. The single went on to spend five weeks at the Number 1 spot on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

After years of dating Blake apparently proposed to her in 2003. He admitted this in a 2003 CMT interview where he said he unconventionally proposed to her.

“I asked her to marry me, and she said yes, and it was early one morning back in December, and we ended up spending the day with some friends and kind of having a party all day and had a good time. … I got in from hunting that morning and asked her to marry me, and we went back out hunting,” the singer-songwriter confessed. They had a low-key wedding in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, on November 17th, 2003, during Blake’s break from a tour with Toby Keith.

“I knew Kaynette was the one,” Shelton explained to Country Weekly shortly after their private nuptials. “Just because I can’t explain it, I can’t say it’s because we get along or because of the way she looks. It’s just something I feel – you know what I mean? It’s nothing more than just knowing you’re right.” In 2006, their 3 years of marriage ended in a divorce. She was quoted to have said that Blake was “guilty of inappropriate marital conduct.”

She moved on despite pressure from the media. After their divorce Williams quickly moved back to Oklahoma, she then left for Kansas once Blake and his then-new wife Miranda Lambert moved to a neighboring Oklahoma town.

“After Blake and I split up, I moved from Tennessee back to Oklahoma,” Kaynette said in a rare 2011 interview with The Enquirer. “But then Blake and Miranda moved back there to a neighboring town, and it just felt like Oklahoma wasn’t big enough for all of us.”

Kaynette is currently married to Cody Joe Scheck, a rodeo champion and the current world record holder for steer roping. They are living happily in Great Bend, Kansas. Cody is 7 seven years younger than her. She recently changed her name to Williams Schek. Meanwhile, Blake Shelton has been dating Gwen Stefani since his second divorce was finalized.


Before her gaining public attention because of Blake Shelton, there is no known record of Kaynette’s work history. She is recognized for working as Shelton’s manager during the early years of his career. She managed his events, promotions, appearances, and tours. Her working relationship with Blake ended the same period their marriage failed.

She is currently an award-winning math teacher at an elementary school in Kansas, Missouri, She is also a women’s rights activist.

Net Worth

Kaynette Williams is believed to have earned a handsome amount of money from her work as Blake’s manager. Her cash flow is suspected to be over a million dollars. Her ex-husband, Blake, has assets estimated to be around 60 million dollars. Kaynette has not publicly announced her earnings or fortune publicly before, and there is no official estimate available. Her wealth remains a mystery.


Kaynette doesn’t share so many details about herself to the press, and so, there isn’t plenty of information available about her. From this article, we hope you have learned something new about Kaynette Williams. Let’s have a quick rundown of everything we had told you about her.

Kaynette Williams is famous as being the ex-wife of the country music singer Blake Shelton. The successful singer has been nominated seven times for the Grammy Awards and has appeared on The Voice for several of the TV Show seasons. Kaynette was his manager during their relationship, but that ended with their marriage. She has since been remarried to rodeo champion, Cody Joe Scheck, and now works as a maths teacher in an elementary school, and also as a women’s rights activist.

There you have it! Hope you enjoyed the article? We will keep you updated as soon as there is anything new to know about Kaynette Scheck.

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