Kelley Phleger: Meet the Celebrity Spouse of Don Johnson

Kelley Phleger, born on June 22, 1969, is known for her marriage to renowned actor and producer, Don Johnson. As a professional teacher and socialite, Phleger has managed to maintain a low-key presence despite her association with the Hollywood star. She and Don Johnson tied the knot in 1999, marking a significant milestone in both of their lives.

Prior to her marriage, Phleger worked as a Montessori teacher and gained recognition as a well-respected figure in her field. Her background in education proved beneficial not just in her professional life, but also in her personal life as a mother to her and Don’s three children. Throughout the years, the couple has remained strong in their union, celebrating their love and support for one another.

With a net worth of $45 million, Kelley Phleger and her husband, Don Johnson, lead a luxurious life. The couple resides in a stunning $14.9 million home near the Getty mansion, showcasing the fruits of their successful careers in Hollywood and education. Despite their high-profile lives, they continue to value their privacy, keeping their family life away from the public eye as much as possible.

Early Life and Background

Kelley Phleger was born Mary Kelley Phleger on June 22, 1969, in San Francisco, California, United States. Born to Jean Phleger and Atherton Macondray Phleger, Kelley holds a white ethnicity and her zodiac sign is Cancer. Her father was a lawyer and a board member of the financial services company Wells Fargo.

Growing up in San Francisco, Kelley experienced the beauty of the city, which possibly influenced her passion for education. She has always maintained a private lifestyle, with limited information available about her early schooling. However, it is known that Kelley went on to pursue higher education at the esteemed University of California.

Upon completing her studies, Kelley Phleger chose to follow a career in teaching. She established herself as a dedicated school teacher, sharing her knowledge and inspiring young minds. A professional teacher, Kelley has managed to make a significant impact in the lives of her students while maintaining a balanced personal life.

In summary, Kelley Phleger’s upbringing in San Francisco and her family background played a crucial role in shaping her career choices. A dedicated teacher by profession, Kelley’s passion for education shines through her work.

Marriage to Don Johnson

Kelley Phleger, a former Kindergarten teacher, married actor, singer, and songwriter Don Johnson on April 29th, 1999. The couple exchanged vows in a beautiful ceremony at the Pacific Heights Mansion. This marked the fourth marriage for Don Johnson, who was previously married to Melanie Griffith, among others.

Their wedding came as a surprise to the public, however, the couple quickly became the epitome of a perfect marriage in the hectic Hollywood entertainment industry. Kelley Phleger, also known as Kelley Johnson, has since made a few TV appearances, including one on the TV series This Morning.

Don Johnson, now 71, and Kelley Phleger, 52, have been married for over 22 years. The couple has celebrated their long-lasting union by vacationing together in exotic locations, such as the South of France. Together, they lead a luxurious lifestyle, which is surely a result of their combined net worth. Don Johnson is estimated to have a net worth of around $50 million.

Throughout their marriage, the couple has faced the challenges of living in the public eye while maintaining a strong bond. The longevity of their marriage serves as a testament to their love and commitment to one another, representing a rare example of a successful Hollywood marriage.

Children and Family Life

Kelley Phleger, wife of actor Don Johnson, shares a strong bond with her family. Throughout the years, the couple has welcomed three children together, contributing to their close-knit family.

Dakota Johnson

Before meeting Kelley, Don Johnson had a relationship with actress Melanie Griffith, and together, they had a daughter named Dakota Johnson. Born on October 4, 1989, Dakota followed her parents’ footsteps and is now a successful actress, best known for her role in the Fifty Shades of Grey film trilogy.

Jasper and Deacon Johnson

After marrying Kelley Phleger on April 29, 1999, the couple had three children together:

  1. Atherton Grace Johnson: Their first child, Atherton Grace, was born in December 1999.
  2. Jasper Breckinridge Johnson: Born in June 2002, Jasper is their second child and first son.
  3. Deacon Johnson: The youngest of the family, Deacon, was born in 2006.

Don’s commitment to his family has been evident throughout the years, and he has continuously prioritized their well-being. The family’s strong bonds and love are evident in their shared moments, such as when Don’s ex-wife Melanie Griffith joined the family to celebrate a baby shower for Don and Kelley’s youngest child, showcasing their mutual respect and affection.

Public Appearances

Kelley Phleger, wife of actor Don Johnson, has made numerous public appearances alongside her husband at various events. While she maintains a relatively low profile in Hollywood compared to her husband, her appearances have often been elegant and striking.

Over the years, Kelley has attended several red carpet events with Don, showcasing her fashion prowess. The couple has been spotted mingling with fellow celebrities and enjoying the limelight. As a striking figure herself, Kelley has embraced the chance to be seen with her husband and navigate the high-stakes world of glamour.

In addition to red carpet events, Kelley has attended various Gucci fashion shows. A fan of the Italian luxury brand, she never fails to turn heads with her stylish presence. Kelley is often seen wearing pieces from the brand’s collection to make a statement. As a result, the public has been enthralled by her taste in fashion.

Sports events are not off-limits for the Johnsons. The couple has been spotted at the NBA Finals, supporting their favorite teams. They often use these outings as opportunities to build camaraderie with fellow celebrities who share their passion for the game.

To sum up, Kelley Phleger’s public appearances alongside her husband Don Johnson, have allowed her to make a name for herself in the world of Hollywood glamour. Whether it’s a red carpet event, a fashion show, or a sports gathering, Kelley’s presence is undoubtedly captivating.

Don Johnson’s Career

Don Johnson is a talented and accomplished actor who has had an extensive career in Hollywood. He is best known for his work in the hit TV series Miami Vice and Nash Bridges. With his charismatic personality and memorable performances, Johnson has become a household name in the entertainment industry.

In the 1980s, Don Johnson rose to fame for his portrayal of James “Sonny” Crockett in the popular television series Miami Vice. The show was critically acclaimed and garnered a significant following. It showcased the glitz and glamour of Miami, as well as the darker sides of crime and drug trafficking. Johnson’s compelling performance as the stylish detective earned him numerous accolades, including a Golden Globe Award.

After the success of Miami Vice, Johnson continued to make waves in Hollywood. In the mid-1990s, he starred as San Francisco cop Nash Bridges in the TV series Nash Bridges. The show, which focused on the adventures of Bridges and his team, was well-received and became a staple in the world of television entertainment.

During his career, American actor Don Johnson has worked on various other notable projects, both on the small and big screens. A versatile actor, Johnson has displayed his acting prowess across genres, from dramas to comedies and action-packed thrillers. Here are some highlights of his impressive career:


  • A Boy and His Dog (1975)
  • Tin Cup (1996)
  • Django Unchained (2012)


  • The Fugitive (2000)
  • From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series (2014-2016)
  • Watchmen (2019)

In summary, Don Johnson has had a remarkable career in Hollywood, which has spanned several decades. He has delivered iconic performances in beloved TV series, such as Miami Vice and Nash Bridges, and won the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. With his dedication and talent, Johnson has undoubtedly secured his place among the most respected actors in the entertainment industry.

Media and Social Media

Kelley Phleger, a celebrity wife and esteemed Montessori school teacher, has been a familiar presence in media for over two decades. Married to the renowned American actor Don Johnson, Kelley’s life has often been in the public eye. Although her primary occupation is teaching, she has made appearances in various events alongside her celebrity husband, boosting her presence in the media.

As for social media, Kelley Phleger maintains an active presence on platforms such as Instagram. This provides her fans and followers a closer peek into her daily life, as well as her memorable moments spent with family. On her account @kellyjohnson, she has amassed more than 16.6k followers to date. Kelley uses this platform to share pictures and videos featuring her family and personal interests.

Through media appearances and social media, Kelley Phleger successfully balances her professional and personal life, ensuring a connection with her admirers without compromising her private space. Her life as a celebrity wife and Montessori teacher has undoubtedly been enriched by her ability to engage authentically with her followers.

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