Robie Uniacke: Insightful Profile of the British Businessman

Robie Uniacke is a British mathematician and businessman who has gained recognition as the long-time partner of English actress Rosamund Pike. Born in 1961, Uniacke holds a degree in mathematics from the prestigious Eton College. He has a keen interest in mathematics, which led him to establish his own IT company in 2010.

In addition to his academic and business pursuits, Uniacke also has a passion for traveling and Chinese culture. This enthusiasm has had a profound influence on his personal life, as his children with Rosamund Pike are bilingual, speaking both English and Mandarin. As a father, he plays a significant role in shaping the lives of their children.

Uniacke’s astute mind and mathematical prowess have not only contributed to his successful career but also to the professional life of his partner Rosamund Pike. The actress credits his insights and intellect as instrumental in helping her approach her roles and focus on her career in the film industry.

Early Life

Robie David Corbett Uniacke was born in 1961 in Windsor, England. Since his childhood, he has been passionate about mathematics. His early life was simple and far from media attention. Robie attended the prestigious Eton College in Windsor to pursue his education. He is a British citizen and belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity.

During his time at Eton College, Robie was surrounded by a rich history and a strong educational foundation. Eton College, founded in 1440, has educated many notable figures, including British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. The Earl of Carlisle, George Howard, also attended the school. Uniacke’s interest in mathematics helped shape his later career and achievements.

In his early years, Robie Uniacke was described by the British magazine Tatler as an “elusive and mysterious” man who appeared to have lived a life of luxury. Despite his seemingly privileged background, Uniacke has managed to keep most aspects of his private life away from public scrutiny. This has contributed to the enigmatic aura that continues to surround him.


Robie Uniacke was born in 1961 in England, United Kingdom. He pursued his education at the prestigious Eton College in Windsor, England. While the details of his early childhood remain sparse, it is known that he graduated with a degree in mathematics. As a mathematician, Robie has applied his knowledge and skills effectively in his business endeavors over the years.

In addition to his strong educational background in mathematics, Robie’s interest in linguistics extends to his family as well. His children with his partner, actress Rosamund Pike, are bilingual. They are learning Mandarin and are even teaching their mother how to speak the language.

Here is a brief overview of Robie Uniacke’s educational background:

  • Born: 1961
  • Birthplace: England, United Kingdom
  • Alma mater: Eton College
  • Degree: Mathematics

Robie’s keen understanding of mathematics has been a driving force behind his business ventures. In 2010, Robie started an IT company called Pale Fire Ltd. His problem-solving abilities and analytical thinking, stemmed from his mathematical expertise, have played a critical role in shaping his career.

In conclusion, Robie Uniacke’s education at Eton College and his proficiency in mathematics have equipped him with the necessary skills to make a mark in the world of business, while also sharing his passion for languages with his family.

Relationships and Family Life

Rosamund Pike

Robie David Corbett Uniacke, a businessman and mathematician, began dating English actress Rosamund Pike in 2009 after meeting her at a party. Rosamund Pike is known for her outstanding performances in films including “Gone Girl.” The couple has been together for over a decade and is still going strong. They share a passion for keeping their relationship and family life as private as possible.

Emma Howard

Before his relationship with Rosamund Pike, Robie Uniacke was married to Emma Howard, the daughter of the late Earl of Carlisle. They tied the knot in 1983 when Robie was 22 and Emma was 30 years old. Unfortunately, their marriage was troubled, and they both struggled with serious heroin addiction. The couple divorced after a few years and Robie has since gone through rehabilitation.


Robie Uniacke is the proud father of six children in total. With Rosamund Pike, he has two sons named Solo Uniacke, born in May 2012, and Atom Uniacke, born in December 2014. From his previous marriage to Emma Howard, he has another son, Robie Jonjo Uniacke. Additionally, Robie has a son named Hector Uniacke from a different relationship.


Robie also has two daughters, Florence Uniacke and Olive Uniacke, from a separate relationship. Like the rest of his family life, details about Robie’s daughters are kept private.

The family of four, including Rosamund, Robie, and their two sons, reside together in England. While Robie maintains a relatively low profile, he is known to be strongly supportive of Rosamund Pike’s career and is often spotted attending events with her.


Business Ventures

Robie Uniacke is a British businessman and mathematical researcher. Throughout his career, he has worked for several consultancy and finance companies. In his entrepreneurial pursuits, Robie founded Pale Fire Ltd., an information technology consultancy, which eventually faced financial difficulties and was dissolved by the HMRC over unpaid taxes.

As a mathematical researcher, Robie has gained recognition and made significant contributions in his field. His experience and expertise have garnered him professional success and a considerable net worth. Despite the setbacks with his company, Robie’s career remains notable, and he continues to maintain a low profile.

Drug Addiction and Rehabilitation

Robie Uniacke has faced personal challenges, including a history of drug addiction. At one point, he battled addiction to heroin, which significantly impacted his life and career. Seeing the need for change, Robie sought help and entered rehabilitation centers to combat his addiction. Through perseverance, he eventually overcame his struggles and emerged stronger, focusing on rebuilding his life and career.

Today, Robie Uniacke has successfully rehabilitated and maintains a healthy, stable life with his long-time partner, English actress Rosamund Pike. His experiences have shaped him into a resilient individual, and he remains focused on moving forward in both his personal and professional life.

Personal Interests and Abilities

Robie Uniacke is known for his astute mind and ability to be articulate in his communication. His interests extend beyond the realm of business, as he has a passion for learning new languages, particularly Mandarin Chinese. This linguistic skill showcases his dedication to self-improvement and cultural understanding.

In addition to his language abilities, Robie Uniacke is known for his appreciation of the arts. His connection to the creative world is evident through his relationship with renowned British actress Rosamund Pike. While not much is known about the specifics of his artistic inclinations, it’s clear that art holds significance in his life.

Though he isn’t particularly famous for ruthlessness, Uniacke’s successful career in business suggests that he is skilled at making strategic decisions and isn’t afraid to face the challenges that come with taking calculated risks. As a businessman, it’s vital to be confident and assertive, qualities which Robie Uniacke seems to possess.

In conclusion, Robie Uniacke’s personal interests and abilities reveal a well-rounded individual with an appreciation for both the creative and business worlds. His linguistic talents, astute mind, and evident skills in communication make him an interesting figure in the public eye.

Privacy and Personal Life

Robie Uniacke is a 59-year-old British businessman and mathematician, known for his relationship with British actress Rosamund Pike. Born in 1961 in England, UK, he values his privacy and tends to stay away from the media spotlight. As such, there is limited information available about his early life and family background.

Robie Uniacke’s ethnicity is White, and he holds British nationality. He is heterosexual, and there is no evidence to suggest that he is gay. He is a graduate of the prestigious Eton College, where he earned a degree in mathematics. In his professional life, he gained a reputation in the business world after founding an IT company called Pale Fire Ltd. in 2010.

Despite being primarily known as the partner of Rosamund Pike, Robie Uniacke has had a challenging past. He previously struggled with drug addiction and underwent rehabilitation to overcome the habit. Due to his reserved nature, details of his previous relationships or children have not become public knowledge.

While Robie Uniacke’s net worth remains undisclosed, it is safe to assume that he is financially stable given his business background and involvement in the IT industry. Additionally, his partnership with Rosamund Pike, a successful actress, further contributes to their combined financial stability.

In summary, Robie Uniacke is a private individual who prefers to keep his personal life closely guarded. Although most known for his relationship with Rosamund Pike, he has had a successful career in mathematics and the business sector, overcoming past challenges along the way.

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