Koren Grieveson – Net Worth, Culinary Career, Personal, Military And Love Life

Real Name:Koren Grieveson
Birthday:November 4, 1971
Net Worth:N/A
Height:170 cm
Occupation:Angola-Born American Professional Chef

Koren Grieveson is an Angola-born American chef and television personality. She became really popular for her appearance as a guest judge in an episode of the fourth season of Bravo’sTop Chef’ in 2008 and her appearance as a competitor in an episode ofIron-Chef America’ season seven in 2009. The chef is well-traveled to many cities across the world but is settled in the United States.

Like many other successful, prominent chefs, she was first taught and inspired by her mother, whom she was raised by and grew up with. Koren often regards herself as a rebellious person, and true to that side of herself, she enlisted into the US Army and served for almost 10 years.

After her career with the military, she started to work more full-time and professionally as a chef. Throughout her successful career, Koren Grieveson has won several awards and recognitions like the James Beard Award for Best Chef: Great Lakes.

Koren is currently in a relationship with Anne Burrell, who is also a professional chef. The couple is quite conservative about their personal relationship. Throughout the rest of the article, we will be indulging you in all there is to know about Koren Grieveson. So you can sit back and let us serve you some delicious information about the amazing chef.

Early & Personal Life

Koren Grieveson was born in Luanda, Angola, on November 4, 1971. Her father’s work was in the poultry industry, and it usually meant that the family had to move around constantly. Growing up, Koren and her sisters were in different countries around the world, spending their childhood and early years of their adulthood in Brazil, England, and Iran, before finally making their home in Glastonbury, Connecticut, in the United States.

Like many children growing up and other of her peers, Koren Grieveson’s first cooking lessons came from her mother, who she describes fondly as an amazing cook. According to her, they used to eat a lot of chicken at home. Her extensive travels and mother’s cooking gave her the much-needed exposure to a wide variety of cuisines that have helped her create and develop her own culinary style.

Military Service

Koren enlisted in the US Army after first speaking to a recruiter when she was 17 years old. Her mother warned her against the decision that she would be giving eight years of her life to the military, but she had already made up her mind.

When she was interviewed byFood & Winemagazine, Koren Grieveson confessed that her main motivation for enlisting in the US Army was that she hoped she would drive the jeeps that the army used. However, before she could enlist, the army switched out the jeeps for the Humvees. Koren did not know this at the time, and she was too stubborn to listen to her mother, so she joined anyway. She was never deployed to leave the US for active service, and her eight-year service time was peaceful and quiet. Koren has stated that she had a great time serving in the military.

Culinary Career

Upon leaving the military, Koren quickly began working in the hospitality industry. Among her first jobs was serving food and drinks to rock and roll bands in New York. During that period, she was fortunate to serve some of the most iconic musical groups ever, including the Eagles, Lollapalooza, and the Rolling stones. In a conversation with her father, he advised her to pursue a career.

Taking her father’s advice, Koren Grieveson started to attend the Culinary Institute of America in New York. After her graduation, it wasn’t long before Koren started to build a positive reputation for herself. For a while, she was in San Francisco, where she worked at the now-defunct restaurant calledAqua.’ After her time in San Francisco, Koren moved to Chicago, Illinois, and first worked at Spruce.

From 1998 to 2003, she was working as a sous chef at the famous restaurant Blackbird, which belongs to her mentor and celebrity chef, Paul Kahan. She also worked with Kahan at a Mediterranean-themed wine bar Avec, which won several awards. During her time working at Avec, she was awarded the James Beard Award for Best Chef: Great Lakes. She was also Food & Wine magazine’s Best New Chef in 2008.

Koren Grieveson requested the opportunity to prepare food for a “healthy” kids’ fair at the White House in 2010. She returned to New York in 2012, and during the early days, she lived in Prune chef Gabrielle Hamilton’s home. In 2015, she joined the ranks of prominent chefs like Ryan Skeen, Bobby Helen, and Preston Clarke when she took the mantle of executive chef at the Belgian restaurant, Resto.

Her new role saw her making little changes while holding on to the restaurant’s overall identity. Resto had built a name for being a meat-centric spot, and although Koren didn’t look to change that, she wanted customers to eat several times a week without feeling stuffed. She left the restaurant in April 2016, and it was shut down a little while later in August. However, it was relaunched in October as Cannibal Liquor House.

Love Life

Koren Grieveson is openly lesbian and is a supporter of the LGBTQ community. Her relationship life is also mostly private, but in 2012, she started dating a fellow chef and television personality, Anne Burrell, who is the host of the Food Network showSecrets of a Restaurant Chef.’ On December 31, 2012, it was revealed in a tweet by Anne Burrell that she was engaged to Koren.

Net Worth

Koren’s career with the army and her successful professional career as a chef sure means that she has earned herself a noteworthy sum of money. However, there is no official estimate of her net worth.


So there you have it, all the interesting information that there is about Koren Grieveson. She isn’t much of a public figure, and as such, there is limited information about her, but let’s have a quick recap.

Koren Grieveson is a prominent American chef. She was in the army before she started out as a professional chef. She has worked in a number of restaurants and has won several awards for her work.

She is openly gay and is engaged to a fellow chef, Anne Burrell. Koren’s cash flow is not disclosed, but we speculate that she earns a handsome amount of money. This is all we know at the moment, but going forward, as soon as there is more information available, this article will be updated.


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