Lime Crime’s Newest Scandal: How To Make The Most of The Violet Velvetine

Lime Crime, the revolutionary make up brand of cosmetic industry with an Instagram following of over 2.6M, unleashed their new shade Scandal from their classic line of Velvetines. The beautiful purple-violet color is ready to bring more enhancement in your beauty. The velvety rich formula makes Scandal a customer friendly product.

The Scandal made with innovative velvety and rich formula keeps the lips hydrate and smooth all the day. The formula gives long lasting application on lips. It has formulated with the pigments for vivid and stunned color. Scandal get you wider lips with fuller application. Can be applied after moisturizing lips to give fine look. Packaged in tube and can be applied smoothly and gently. Scandal can be removed with the makeup remover easily. Like all other products of Lime Crime, Scandal has also made with love and 100% vegan and hold Leaping Bunny cruelty-free certification.

Make your pout more flashy and striking with scandal. Sparkle your smile with matte lipstick. Boost your confidence with a great smile. Get dramatic personality with the dark rich purple –violet hue color. The matte textures gives lips. Make yourself involve to the fullest in beauty line and fashion industry by using Lime Crime makeup collection.

“Scandal is for girls who like a touch of punk-rock edge & have that don’t-care attitude,” Lime Crime CEO Doe Deere explained. “Pair it with bold black liner & get ready to stir up some controversy.”

CEO itself excited for Scandal, She said:

“I especially love to rock Scandal under the Trip Diamond Crusher,” Deere continued. “It really highlights my lips and brings out Scandal’s violet undertones!”

Visit to shop Scandal and Lime Crime’s entire collection of gorgeous purple shades like Jinx, Fetish, and Raven (MSRP $20.00 USD).  They also match really well with the new Polly Pocket inspired highlighters

Lime crime, the remarkable brand of Los Angeles, California of cosmetic industry. The brand believes that makeup not only hide the flaws but also gives beauty with confidence and freedom. Lime crime is a promising brand that brings variety of high end makeup ranges from lipsticks to hair dye to its customers. Lime Crime cosmetics are certified cruelty-free and vegan. Keeping quality standards high and reasonable prices proves bonding and loyalty with our customers. The luxurious and innovative makeup formula launch brings Lime Crime vast amount of loyal followers. Lime Crime has become one of the fastest growing beauty brands in the cosmetic world.

Variety of new products launch keep the brand above in the beauty industry. Each product is made with lots of passion and with the professional guideline to keep the customers satisfied. The brand believes that the beauty has no limits and should be expressed as dramatically as you want! With our beauty range, you can create your own signature look and flaunt in your best style! So ready to enhance your beauty with more stylish looks using our beauty cosmetic range and make yourself more beautiful and presentable. Whether going in a party or for formal meeting, Lime crime can give from heavy coverage to low coverage. Easy to use products and simple yet high end products.

Lime Crime lipsticks has different ranges which includes diamond crushers, matte valvetines, metallic velvetines, Velve-tins, Perlees, Unicorn lipsticks. These beautiful lip colors can be paired with some glitter to create a sheer look. Anytime apply your favourite color perfectly and feels comfortable every time. Similarly, eye shadow has variety from matte to glittery shiny palettes which includes venus palettes, pocket candy palettes. The high pigmentation makes eyes look bigger and prettier. These beautiful shades blended smoothly can give finished look with colored or black jet liners. Lastly hair color has vast range of dark to light colors, bright to blonde color. The hair color comes in small packets too which gives the facility to choose the best color as per skin tone. Lime Crime is more excited to growth their makeup range, so its always worth the wait!

The brand has reached to 2.5M+ through social media globally. For more information on the brand and its products, visit, Lime Crime’s official Facebook page, and the official Lime Crime blog which is personally curated by Doe Deere herself,

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