Non 12 Step Rehab Program – A Scientific Way of Addiction Recovery

Looking for a solution to your addiction? Guess what? You are into the first step for your better life. In general, for your de-addiction treatment, you can choose the classical 12 step Rehab program by Alcoholic Acronyms (AA).

In general, few people don’t feel comfortable with the AA program. For them, there are several alternative options are available. A non 12 step Rehab programs help with your addiction like the classical one but with a different approach.

Who prefers non 12 step Rehab programs?

Although a 12 step program by AA will result in long-term effectiveness, few following principles will be contradictory for some people.

  • Not an empowered program: This AA program is not likely designed for all genders; this model will not be effective for women.
  • Self-doubt: Also, few people feel disturbed by the terms “powerless” “disease.”
  • For Atheist: This not for the people who lost spiritual faith.

How the Non 12 step Rehab program differs?

This program also helps people struggle with addiction. Non 12 step program approaches addiction in terms of psychology and neuroscience. Also, this method stated the negative impacts of addiction on the brain and also will be the reason for other mental issues.

This change in the brain stops people from controlling addiction or drinking. These advanced approaches and improved way of treatments by Non 12 step rehab make it different from the classical one.

In simple, this is a scientific approach in a de-addiction treatment program. This program never labels addiction as a “disease” also helps in improving self-esteem.

Alternative Programs:

Some of the alternative programs are as follows,

Smart Recovery: 

This recovery program includes building self-motivation, helps with handling urges in addiction, managing behaviors, ultimately having a balanced life.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT):

This therapy is often a center of alcohol addiction or addiction recovery. This helps in treating behaviors that are harmful and developed during the phase of addiction.

Multi-systemic therapy: 

Mainly focus on risk factors that trigger addiction.

There are many other therapies available; you can choose depends on individual needs.

What are the treatments in Non 12 step Rehab program?

The most common treatments in alternative therapies are,

  • Detoxification: To remove alcohol that resides inside the body. Also, start with further treatment, detoxification is performed.
  • Medication Therapy – To support the individual with their detoxification step and to cut down further drinking.
  • Counseling – To support them mentally which is important.
  • Therapies: cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Non – 12 step groups: Finding people of the same community for mutual support and increase social interaction. If you get  Non 12 Step Rehab and Recovery in California, then you will get to know about the local support groups.

Where to get treatment?

Several rehab centers are providing alternative or  Non 12 step Rehab programs. Choosing a center in the local will be more cost-effective. Also, choosing a local center will be beneficial in getting into a support network. For example, if you are in CA, look for Non 12 Step Rehab and Recovery in California so that you can find an established community to support you; also, your family will be there for personal support.


If you or your loved one is suffering from addiction, start your first step by getting into therapy. Getting into a Non 12 Step Rehab will help you in getting back into your life better by improving physical and mental health. You have a wide variety of therapies to choose from. Never allow addiction to control your life.

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