Practical Gift Ideas For Your Cigar Lover Friend

Do you have a friend who’s a cigarette lover? If so, you’re in luck! If you’re thinking about getting them something for their birthday, holiday or another occasion, consider some of the ideas that will be mentioned in this article.

1) Get Them A Humidor

If your friend is a cigar aficionado, they’ll need somewhere to keep their cigars in peak condition. A humidor is a perfect gift for this kind of person so that they have somewhere to store their cigars when they are finished enjoying them. There are all kinds of models, including new modern ones such as NewAir Humidor as well as antique Cuban ones. If you’re thinking about getting a humidor, be sure to get the right size for your friend’s collection. They can also be found in many different styles and sizes, so you should have no problem finding one that perfectly matches the personality of your friend.

2) Get Them A Unique Ashtray

Does the cigarette smoker in your life also have an appreciation for fine art? If so, you can’t go wrong with a unique ashtray! There are all kinds of styles and designs out there made from glass, metal, ceramic, and even marble. You can even make the gift more personalized by getting an ashtray with any picture, design, or words that you choose carved onto the surface. That way, your friend will always have something that reminds him/her of you. Also, one of the most convenient features is an ashtray that has a lid so they don’t have to worry about ashes falling off your friend’s desk or coffee table when they put their cigar out. That means that besides being nice and decorative, ashtrays can also be practical.

3) Get Them A Lighter

Cigarette smokers tend to gravitate towards lighters that are on the simpler side. However, some people prefer something with a little more style and appeal. If you’re thinking about getting your friend a cigarette lighter for their birthday or another special occasion, you can buy a unique one. Besides regular ones, there are also electric lighters and jet flame lighters. You can choose among different colors and designs, including ones that resemble a shark’s mouth, skulls, or other designs. Also, you can get your buddy’s name engraved onto the lighter to make it even more personal.

4) Get Them A Pipe

If you have a friend who has been eyeing those old-fashioned pipes, then this might be the perfect opportunity to buy one for them! It’ll come in handy during those times when your friend wants to step out onto the front porch, relax their mind, and enjoy a nice smoke after work. Find designs that are based on old-world styles or ones that are more modern, whatever fits the personality of the person you want to get it for. You can also find them in many different finishes, like matte black or silver.

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5) Get Them A Unique Cigarette Case

If you want to give your friend something that’s both stylish and functional, consider getting them a cigarette case. You can find all kinds of styles out there, including ones with the Marlboro logo on them or ones that resemble an old-timey cigarette case. Your friend will definitely love the convenience of having something that not only protects their cigarettes but also keeps them organized all in one place. There are even options out there that have built-in lighters so they’ll never have to worry about having a lighter again when they want to smoke!

6) Get Them A Cigar Cutter

Don’t let your friend get caught not having the right tool to cut their cigar!  Get them a cutter that is practical as well as beautiful. There are all kinds of cigar cutters out there, from the typical guillotine to scissor-style ones. You can also find various designs, such as those with skulls or dragons, colors, and even ones that light up. They are all small in size so they are convenient to carry around in a pocket or purse.

If you’re looking for a unique gift idea, consider some of the items that are mentioned in this article. You can find practical gifts like cigar cutters or lighters to more decorative ones such as ashtrays and pipes. These would make great presents for your friend’s birthday, holiday season, or any other occasion! Make sure to get them something they’ll use so it won’t be wasted space on their desk or coffee table. We hope this article has been helpful in finding some options for you to choose from!

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