Ragdoll Cat Breeds: What To Know Before Getting Them

If you are a cat lover and you are thinking of getting a new kitten, then you will probably have a hard time deciding which breed to get this time. They are all just so cute, especially when they are still young and small and if you are a true feline lover, you are definitely going to get frustrated at the idea of not being able to bring a bunch of new kittens home. Oh, well, you’ll have to decide on one of them, regardless of how much you want to get more of those little fluffy creatures.

Since you are trying to decide on the breed, you are probably not looking only at their appearance, but you are also trying to find general information about the specific ones that you are taking into consideration. The Ragdoll cat breed must have grabbed your attention, since it is not only beautiful, but also seems to have a great personality. If you are thinking of getting this specific feline, though, I suggest you do some more learning about it, so that you can figure out if it could be the right new pet for you and if you could be the right owner for it.

Given the fact that you are here, I think it’s safe to say that you are ready to do some learning about this particular breed. There are quite a few important, but also interesting, things that you should know before getting yourself a Ragdoll. Below you will find some of those quite significant factors that you should keep in mind if you are thinking of taking this kitty home. So, without further ado, let us start the learning process.

1. They Can Adapt To Any Environment

One of the first things that people usually think about when getting a new pet is the place they live in. While this is definitely the right thing to consider, the truth is that you won’t need to worry about it at all when Ragdolls are in question. This breed is highly adaptable, meaning that it will enjoy huge houses with yards just as much as small apartment. So, regardless of your living situation, this feline can be a great companion.

There are undoubtedly animals that cannot adapt to any single living situation and any environment, which is why I understand this concern. Cats are generally more adaptable than dogs, but there are still some feline breeds that would find living in a small apartment highly constraining and stressful. Yet, Ragdolls are certainly not one of those and they can easily adapt to any type of an environment, which means that they can be the perfect pet for pretty much anyone.

Here’s some more info about this breed in general:

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 2. They Get Along With Other Pets (Including Dogs)

If you already have a pet or two at home and you aren’t sure whether your new feline will get along with them, then there is, once again, nothing to worry about here. Ragdolls are extremely friendly both towards people and towards other animals. When those animals are a part of your, and thus their, family, they will undeniably accept them rather quickly.

Even if your other pets are dogs, you won’t need to be concerned about your new Ragdoll not liking this animal. Of course, the relationship they will develop depends on your dog’s personality as well, but the point is that these felines are perfectly capable of getting along with any animal that you already have. For their part, you won’t need to worry about fights. You should, however, think about how your dog would accept this new family member before you decide to get it.

3. They Shed

When you start researching this particular breed, you might find information claiming that the Ragdolls don’t shed. Well, that is actually a wrong piece of information, as these cats definitely do shed, even though they don’t have extremely long fur. In order to reduce this issue to a minimum, though, you could resort to brushing the feline regularly. That will undeniably be of huge help. The bottom line is that you cannot expect this pet not to shed, since it does have fur.

4. They Don’t Like Being Left Alone

If you are planning on leaving this animal alone for long periods of time, then it might not be the right pet for you. This cat loves being around people and it can get stressed and anxious if it is left alone too frequently. In simple words, it needs company and when you check out how it looks, I am sure that you will want to keep it company at all times. Since that, however, isn’t quite possible, you might want to think about getting two cats so that they can keep one another company when you are not around.

5. They Aren’t Too Energetic

These felines cannot be called lazy, but they are definitely not too energetic. Spending their time cuddling on the couch with you is like a dream come true for Ragdolls. This means that you won’t need to worry too much about helping them get their necessary exercise. Still, you certainly shouldn’t ignore their need for exercise completely, as these felines do need to be active from time to time, which is why getting them some toys, or perhaps a climbing tower, could be the perfect idea. That’s how you’ll keep it both happy and healthy.

Written by Eric

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