Sarah Ziolkowska – Ex-Partner Of Canadian Comedian Nathan Fielder

Real Name:Sarah Ziolkowska
Birthday:12 May, 1983
Net Worth:$400,000
Height:167 cm
Occupation:Canadian Librarian and Reading Specialist, Former Wife of Nathan Fielder

Hollywood is a place where everyone can get their share of the spotlight. The “big” place has room for every celebrity. Be it a comedian, writer, actor, producer, director, athlete, or anything in between. And of course, the partners, siblings, parents, and children of celebrities. Such is the case with Sarah Ziolkowska, a woman who got famous because of her relationship with Nathan Fielder.

Sarah rose to fame after she got married to the Canadian comedian Nathan Fielder. Before that, people had no interest in Sarah. And nowadays, she is one of the many celebrity spouses in Hollywood.

Her partner is a notable Canadian figure in the entertainment industry. How much do you know about her? What happened to her after her marriage to Nathan? Let’s find out.

Who Is Her Former Husband?

Born Nathan Joseph Fielder in May 1983, he is a Canadian comedian, actor, writer, director, and entrepreneur. Fielder is famous for co-creating, directing, and starring in the reality show Nathan For You. The Comedy Central parody aired from 2013 to 2017.

Since 2022, Nathan has been part of the HBO docu-comedy, The Rehearsal.

Fielder was born into a Jewish family in Vancouver. His parents were social workers. As a young child, Nathan attended Point Grey Secondary School. There, he joined the school’s improv comedy group, one that also included Seth Rogen.

Fun fact: During his teenage years, he worked as a magician and member of The Magic Castle. He then studied business at the University of Victoria. Following his graduation from University, he moved to Toronto and enrolled in Humber College’s Comedy Program in 2006.

The same year, he won the Tim Sims Encouragement Fund Award and began working as a writer on Canadian Idol. There, he was noticed by Michael Donovan, an executive producer for the comedy series This Hour Has 22 Minutes. He was the one to hire Fielder and helped him develop the popular segment Nathan on Your Side.

It wasn’t until 2013 that he co-created his own show on Comedy Central, Nathan For You. Fielder wrote, directed, and starred in the show. It was based on segments he did on Nathan on Your Side. He played a persona loosely based on himself, providing advice for local small businesses.

In 2019, he signed a deal with HBO, allowing him to serve as executive producer for the documentary series How to With John Wilson. He would also star, write, and direct his separate comedy series. Showtime picked up the comedy series The Curse in 2020, one he created and wrote. The Curse starred Fielder alongside Emma Stone.

In 2021, HBO announced the new comedy series, The Rehearsal, which he also wrote, produced, and starred in. In this show, the Canadian comedian gives people the opportunity to rehearse for their own lives.

The comedian and actor describes himself as Jewish but not particularly religious. His shows contain themes related to modern Judaism such as anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial, and historical revisionism.

Quick Bio

Now let’s talk about Sarah Ziolkowska, the children’s librarian who stole Nathan’s heart and got married to him.

She is a Canadian librarian who rose to fame thanks to her marriage to actor Nathan Fielder. Born in Toronto, Canada, in May 1983, she is the same age as Nathan.

She had her high school education in Toronto, and in 2002, she enrolled at the University of Toronto. In 2007, Sarah graduated with a bachelor of applied science degree in psychology. She would later go to Dalhousie University for postgraduate studies and got a master’s degree in library and information science.

But that is all that we know about her early life.


Sarah began her career as an educationist. You can follow her career rise on her LinkedIn profile. While studying for her master’s degree at Dalhousie University, she interned at W.K Kellog Health Sciences Library between 2008 and 2009.

During her time as an intern, she would make information literacy webcasts and assist students with their research work.

She would later move to Park Century School, Culver City, California. There, she worked as a librarian and reading specialist.

Over the years, Sarah remained in the education system but rose up in the ranks. In 2015, the former spouse of Nathan Fielder obtained a Wilson Reading Systems Certification.

Since 2012, she works as a librarian and reading specialist at Park Century School. There, her tasks include maintaining and developing the school library circulating collection, teaching weekly library lessons to each class in the school with developmentally appropriate lesson plans, developing popular programs like a student-run newspaper, organizing author visits, and more.

As a librarian, Sarah Ziolkowska also runs literature groups.

Marriage To Nathan

As we said before, Hollywood is a big place with room for everybody. And while usually celebrities end up with one another, there are many situations where celebrities get married or start a relationship with relative unknowns.

That is the case with Sarah and her former husband Nathan. They fell in love in 2007. Granted, at the time, Nathan was not nearly as famous as he is today.

The two fell in love and started dating. Eventually, they got married in a private wedding ceremony in 2011 with a few family members attending.

Sadly, their differences took the better part of them. You might say that Nathan’s rise in the ranks was a problem. They separated in 2014 and finalized their divorce procedures in 2015. They had no children during the time they were together.

Following the divorce, Sarah disclosed that divorcing her husband was an emotionally traumatizing experience. She was shocked at how certain situations went south. Everything in their marriage crashed shortly.

There is no info on whether Sarah or Fielder have been married since their divorce. Despite being a celebrity, Nathan keeps his personal life away from the public’s eye. And Sarah has effectively disappeared from the media following her divorce from the famous Canadian actor.

Is She On Social Media?

As we said before, Sarah effectively disappeared from the public. But she does have an account on social media. And it is not something that you will think about instantly. She has a profile on LinkedIn. Now, that is a social network for career professionals.

But yes, you can find her there. Her bio clearly states librarian and reading specialist at Park Century School.

On the other hand, her former husband has a profile on Instagram with more than 522k followers. But, despite being active and popular on social media, Nathan tries to keep his private life secret.

Net Worth

So, how much does a reading specialist and librarian make in the US? Is it a profession that allows you to live a comfortable life? Well, according to some reports, Sarah has an alleged net worth of $400,000. It might not be the millions that actors and comedians earn, but it is more than enough for a comfortable and quiet life.

On the other hand, her former husband has a net worth of $4 million. He created, wrote, and directed several television series. Being one of the more famous Canadian comedians, Nathan earns a decent amount of money from his profession.

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