Savannah Daisley – Smart Cleanse Founder Accused of Repeated Sex With 14-year-old Boy

Real Name:Savannah Daisley
Net Worth:$4-5 million
Height:167 cm
Occupation:Australian Model, Businesswoman, Content Creator, Social Media Person, Business Owner, Heiress to Australian Horse Breeder, Ross Daisley.

Who is naturopath Savannah Daisley? Well, she is a well-known Australian model, businesswoman, content creator, social media person, and business owner. You may know her as the creator of Smart Cleanse, a popular 14-day program that promises to detoxify the body. Or, as the heiress to Australian horse breeder, Ross Daisley.

But recently, she came into the spotlight as the woman trying to sexually abuse a 14-year-old boy. What really happened? Let’s find out.

Quick Bio

Savannah was born and raised in Sydney Australia. Born in 1974, she graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science from the University of New England Armidale.

She got a degree in Naturopathy and then continued her education at the Australasian College of Natural Therapies. There, Daisley earned her advanced diploma in Naturopathy.

In March 2019, she got a master’s degree in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Health, and Wellness from NLP Worldwide.

One of the reasons she is now focused on her 14-day detoxication protocol is that she had a childhood filled with unhealthy food.

By the time she was 20 years of age, she was drinking a lot of mojitos, a famous cocktail that has a lot of sugar. At the time, she developed some quite extreme lopsided physical characteristics. Now, she works as a professional health expert.

She was born into a stable family. Her father, Ross Daisley, ran a successful horse breeding business. And her mother was a housewife.

She spent her days in Sydney with her siblings and cousins. If you look at her Instagram profile, her family includes Calida Daisley and Justine Daisley as well.

She is married but keeps her husband’s name and identity off of social media. She has two children, and she has sometimes posted photos of them on Facebook, another social media platform she uses.

Savannah Daisley is a runway model and health guru now. She gained notoriety after founding her company, Smart Cleanse. She has been actively involved in helping people detoxify their bodies, switch the maturing system, and develop wellness habits.

She is the author of 14 Day Smart Cleanse, which is a comprehensive manual that comes with the Detox Kit.

Her 14-day program contains capsules and powders that promise to detoxify the body of the client, eliminate stress, aid in weight loss, and reverse the aging process.

Her products sell across Australia after securing deals with pharmacy giant Priceline in 2018. Savannah launched the company in 2014 and quickly became a celebrity.

For example, Australian actress Jodi Gordon was featured in a testimonial video for Smart Cleanse in June 2021. She said the program was her health and beauty secret.

Her Famous Father

Ross Daisley is closing in on the 80s. He achieved fame as the breeder of Choisir, renowned as the best three-year-old sprinter in the world after it raced at Royal Ascot in 2003. He then retired to stud duty, siring yearlings worth up to $450,000 each. Some of them include Starspangledbanner and Olympic Glory.

The Sexual Controversy

Now let’s talk about the latest sexual intercourse controversy involving the founder of Smart Cleanse. Daisley has enjoyed the benefits of great economic success for several years now.

She made headlines in June 2022 after being accused of raping a 14-year-old and having her bail denied in court.

According to the police, the celebrity weight loss guru sexually assaulted the child four times on May 20 of last year. It is unclear whether they were acquainted before the aggravated sexual intercourse incident. Her defense attorney claimed that the allegations against her were made out of spite.

But it was not once. According to the police, she repeatedly had sex with the 14-year-old-boy. Four times to be exact.

She came to court dressed in a fur-lined coat and was released on $100,000 bail in Sydney Downing Centre Local Court.

Breaking Silence

The 45-year-old horse heiress faces up to 12 years in prison if convicted. She secured access visits to her children as a bail variation condition after winning her release from Silverwater Women’s Correctional Centre in western Sydney last month.

She broke the silence about the incident by posting on social media. Next to a picture of her lighting the candles on a bright blue cake with plastic sea creatures and shells, she wrote, “My beautiful little angel loved his 8th Birthday cake I made him. He loves dolphins and the ocean like his Mummy does. My kids are my heart, my everything infinity and beyond, starting at forever and ending at never”.

Heiress Savannah Daisley continued by saying she will never live her best life without her kids because they are the best part of her life.

She was released on $100,000 bail, pleading the need to rebrand her Smart Cleanse products as part of the reasons for release.

Her lawyer, Gabrielle Bashir, said that Daisley risked losing millions of dollars from her business while being locked up.

Savannah is the founder of the multi-million Smart Cleanse brand. It previously promoted her 14-day detox program internationally. It was then in the process of rebranding, a product that she and her parents had considerable investments in.

Daisley complained that her mental health was deteriorating while in prison. Instead of returning to her $10 million waterfront mansion, she was ordered to live under strict bail conditions with her parents.

Net Worth

Over the years, naturopath Savannah Daisley has built a successful career. She earns quite a decent amount of money from her 14-Day Detox Program. Also, she earns a decent amount from modeling and her Instagram influencer gig.

On social media, Savannah promotes many different brands in the health industry. Her net worth is estimated between $4 and $5 million.

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