Smart Ways to Make Cremation Urns More Unique and Special

In recent years, people have been going in a different direction when saying their final goodbyes to their loved ones. Many people are choosing cremation instead of cemetery burials. There are many options to choose from to keep the ashes of your departed family and friends. Usually, an urn is used to enclose the ashes of the deceased person, but nowadays the shape and style of the urn differ greatly.

Plenty of unique ideas for urns are starting to catch on. Some people like to keep a portion of the ashes and turn them into keepsakes to carry with them. Others like to keep the ashes in an urn at home to keep them close by. Here are a few unique ways to customize cremation urns.

Music Urns

If the deceased was a musician or loved music, then this urn is the one for them. You can get a customized ceramic guitar urn that contains a closed section to hold the ashes. The guitar can then be kept in your house without looking like a traditional urn. Another option is to compress the ashes into a vinyl record. You can choose your loved one’s favorite track and turn it into a beautiful urn or even divide the ashes among several records. You can create a collection of records in your house that celebrates the memory of the deceased.

Living Urns

The idea of living urns involves keeping the ashes in a biodegradable vessel that is usually made from environment-friendly materials like bamboo. The ashes are stored in a cylindrical urn, which can then be planted in the ground. You can then plant a tree in the urn and place it in your garden or backyard. This is a beautiful way to honor the memory of your late family member. The tree urn symbolizes the cycle of life and death and it allows you to visit your loved ones frequently. You can also grow a small plant in a porcelain urn with the ashes and keep it inside or outside your house.

Burials and Memorial Structures

Some people prefer to place the urns in a cemetery or build a monument around it. You can choose from a wide variety of urns made from glass, marble, wood, or any other materials and have them carved with inscriptions and decorations. Memorial benches and rocks are distinctive and a wonderful idea to honor someone’s memory. They can be carved with the deceased’s favorite quotes or passages from a book and even a drawing. These structures are best made from granite because it’s versatile in colors and shapes and durable.

 Artistic Urns

These don’t look like the typical vase-shaped urn; they are shaped like art pieces that can be placed on your mantelpiece as a part of your art collection. They can be made with different materials like ceramic, wood, or porcelain and various colors as well. The ashes can also be mixed with painting colors, which are then used to draw a portrait of the deceased. The options here are endless as you can choose to create any art piece that includes the ashes.

Water Urns

This idea entails the combination of ashes and concrete to create an eco-friendly reef that can be placed underwater. Another way to go is placing the ashes in a floating urn and dropping them in the water. The urn’s bottom then separates after a short while releasing the ashes in the water. This type of urn is usually biodegradable, so you can either leave it or take it with you. One of the most biodegradable vessels is ice; ashes are contained inside an ice block that comes in many shapes and sizes. It’s then left to float on the water’s surface where it melts away leaving the ashes to flow with the water.


Some family members like to keep a piece of their loved one’s ashes in some kind of jewelry. Diamonds made from the ashes are becoming more and more popular these days. Other folks prefer pendants that they can proudly wear around their necks. The ashes can also be divided among several gemstones and left with few members of the family.

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People are looking for ways to make the memory of the people they lost memorable and unique. Urns are a good way of keeping the remains of a family member nearby, which saves you the dreaded trip to the cemetery. By now, you have an idea of how to make a personalized memorial urn that is unique to your late loved ones.

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