The best step by step guide to writing an essay you will read

You will come across essay writing many times in your academic life such as when transferring to a college, you will be given a college admission essay to write and maybe a college scholarship essay if you want it that is.

Essay writing requires an extensive vocabulary because you will have to express many things in an essay and maybe persuade your readers if you’re writing a persuasive essay.

You should know that there are two types of essays, informative and persuasive. An informative essay is when you write the essay in form of a question and giving your answers and letting your audience know everything about the topic you’re writing on.

A persuasive essay, also known as an argumentative essay, it’s very similar to writing a research paper. If you didn’t know there are also two types of research papers, the same informative persuasive but, they are quite lengthy compared to a 5 paragraph essay.

Follow this amazing step by step guide and write the best essay possible

Most of the time, the teacher will give you a topic to write about but in case they don’t, choose a topic that is more of your interest so, when you’re researching about it, the boredom doesn’t strike.

Always make sure to read the assignment paper and its instructions. At the end of the day, you will be graded based on those instructions whether you’ve followed them or not. Think of the instructions as your teacher’s expectation and everyone should live up to their teacher’s expectations.

After reading the assignment paper, find a peaceful place to research your topic and gather at least 5 arguments for each paragraph and a support example to back them up. You can hire a paper writing services to help you with it so, it’s easier and faster for you to gather all the important information about the topic.

Once you’ve done that, you may draft your essay with all the information you’ve gathered and plot all the arguments in each paragraph and make sure that you also know the word limit so, you don’t have problems in the end. You can add additional examples in the paragraph if you’re below the minimum word count. This will make your essay seem stronger and you will easily reach the word limit by no repetition taking place.

After you’re done drafting, you can start writing the body of your essay by taking the help of the draft you made. Write an interesting introduction as most teachers give extra marks for a good introduction. Tell the main aspects or features of your topic in the introduction in a brief way if you can.

Lastly, your essay will need closure, so write a conclusion in which you’ll be bringing back all your points up and giving a brief review about them regarding your thesis statement. You may also bring up one of your support examples to make your conclusion look meaningful.

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