The Different Types Of Gel Blasters And How To Choose One

The blaster market is a massive place. You can get all sorts of different blasters and accessories to make your nerf battles even more fun and exciting! The first thing you might see when entering this vast world of toy guns, however, is the sheer amount of different types of blasters there are. There are so many unique shapes and sizes that finding the right blaster for you can seem like hard work – but it doesn’t have to be. Keep reading if you want to find out about all the different types of gel blasters and tips for choosing the right one.

Rifle Gel Blasters

Rifle gel blasters are the most common type of gel blaster – and there’s a good reason for that! They look like rifles to make them more realistic, but they shoot small packets of gel using pressurized air. These types of blasters can fire up to 50ft and give you plenty of accuracy if you’re playing with friends.

The Nerf Rival Apollo Xv 700 is one example of a rifle gel blaster. If you’re thinking about upgrading your gel blasters this is one way to go. It looks just like an assault rifle so it makes your battles feel more real and it has several tactical rails and sights so you can attach all sorts of accessories. It also shoots rounds at speeds up to 100mph so you’ll always hit the target the first time around.

Pistol Gel Blasters

Pistol gel blasters are like semi-automatic rifles. They look like handguns (so they’re smaller which makes them easier to carry around) but shoot packets of gel just like rifle gel blasters. Since they’re smaller than other types of blasters, pistol blaster rounds don’t go as far or as fast – but that’s what makes them perfect for indoor use. Also, their size means you can easily carry them into battle without worrying about tiring yourself out! The Nerf Zombie Strike Doublestrike is one example of a pistol gel blaster.

The size and weight of this blaster also mean it’s perfect for younger players, or those who just want a smaller blaster. The Doublestrike is easy to use and can fire both barrels at once for twice the fun – so beginners will always have a blast when they play with this toy!

Gatling Gel Blasters

If you’re looking for a more heavy-duty gel blaster then gatling style blasters might be right up your street. They look like machine guns which makes them instantly cool but work in much the same way as other types of blaster. The benefit of these types of blasters is that they hold several rounds of gel at once, meaning you don’t need to reload as often. That means less downtime when you’re in battle, which is always good!

The Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS 18 is one example of a gatling style blaster. It holds up to 18 rounds at once and fires them in seconds, giving you all the power without any of the downtimes. It’s also got tactical rails so that you can attach lots of different types of accessories (grenade launchers are particularly fun!) and it’s perfect for use with all sorts of target practice games.

Grenade Gel Blasters

Gel grenade blasters work like gatling blasters but they fire gel grenades instead of packets or rounds. These don’t travel far or fast since they rely on elastic bands to shoot them out – but that also makes them perfect for indoor use! They’re great fun when you attach a few to your belt and pull the pins when they’re in range of an enemy.

The Nerf Zombie Strike Slingfire is one example of a gel grenade blaster. It’s designed so that you can fire grenades from it without taking your hands off the handle – making it easy to carry around in battle. Plus, it can hold six rounds at once so you’ll have more than enough ammo to take on all comers.

Belt Gel Blasters

If you want a step up from pistol or gatling blasters then belt gel blasters are the way to go. These look like belts (hence the name) but contain gel packets as other models do. The benefit of these types of blasters is that they hold several rounds at once, which means you’ll never run out of ammo! Plus, they’re easier to shoot since you don’t need to carry the blaster around with you (but if you want to, there’s room for it on your belt.)

The Nerf N-Strike Elite Bandolier Kit is one example of a gel belt blaster. It comes with 10 rounds so you can fire plenty of projectiles before having to reload – plus it can also be used as an ordinary holster so you don’t have to worry about putting the main components in the wrong place. This lets players carry around even more accessories without sacrificing accuracy or speed.

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Now you know everything about pistol, gatling, grenade, and belt-style gel blasters! These are the most common types of blasters on the market today, with great designs for all different age groups. Whether you’re new or a veteran looking to upgrade, there’s always something out there for you!

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