The Main Dangers Of Driving While Impaired And How To Avoid Them

It’s an unfortunate truth that driving while impaired can be dangerous. Whether you’re driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or both, it is difficult to judge how much you should drive and when you should stop driving altogether. This article discusses the dangers of driving while impaired and what steps you can take in order to avoid them!

Your Reactions Slow Down

Being on high alert while behind the wheel is crucial because if you’re slow you can cause chaos. That’s the time you’ll get in trouble and it’s time to contact some DWI Lawyers in Minneapolis to help you out. They will also tell you how crucial your reaction time is. You need to be able to react quickly so you avoid crashes and driving emergencies, like the other vehicle skidding in front of you. If your reactions are slower than usual because of alcohol or drugs, this could cause an accident that hurts someone else or even kills them.

You may not notice something right away, but the police do. In fact, they may be watching you as your driving slows down or becomes more erratic and dangerous. The police will find out if you are driving under the influence through field sobriety tests and roadside breathalyzers. If a test shows that there is alcohol in your body, this could lead to even worse consequences including jail time and large fines.

You Can Cause An Accident

There’s a huge chance that you will cause an accident driving impaired. It is important that you keep your eyes on the road while driving, but if you are driving while impaired then it’s more likely that you will not be able to do this properly and cause an accident.

Also, driving when under the influence of drugs or alcohol can make drivers assume they’re better at driving than they really are, causing them to underestimate risks involved in certain maneuvers e.g making a turn at high speeds without signaling first. You can endanger your life or others if you do this, so it’s important to avoid driving while impaired at all costs.

You Can Get Arrested

If the police pull you over, driving while impaired can result in you getting arrested. If this happens, it is important to remember that the police have a duty to read you your rights and be respectful, even if they are not being so at first. It may help to stay calm and answer their questions as best you can until a lawyer arrives on the scene.

In many jurisdictions across America, but particularly those where driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs has been an issue for some time, there are stringent fines attached to driving while high or drunk. Here are some of the consequences of getting arrested while driving impaired:

  • You will be fingerprinted and photographed.
  • Your driving license may be confiscated for a certain period of time or even permanently revoked.
  • You can expect to go to jail until the trial is over which could take months if not years depending on your record, prior offenses, etc.
  • Driving under the influence conviction will stay on your record for an extremely long time, or even forever.
  • Driving with a suspended license is illegal and you may be arrested again if caught driving this way after losing your license due to driving while impaired charges.
  • Your driving record will be permanently affected by driving while impaired on your driving license. This could lead to you losing the right to drive for life or at least losing some of your car insurance premiums because you are more likely than other drivers to get into an accident.

It is never worth getting behind the wheel if you have had too much alcohol, taking drugs, or driven dangerously through tiredness and/or stress. You may think that it is okay in a moment of weakness but this can ruin not only yours lives but also those around you who rely on having someone safe driving them home after spending time together doing whatever activity they enjoy best.

How To Avoid The Dangers Driving While Impaired?

The best way to avoid driving impaired is to avoid driving altogether when under the influence. Just park your car and don’t use it until you’re sober. Not driving while impaired is the safest thing to do, but if you’re not willing to take that kind of preventive measure then at least get someone else who’s unimpaired behind the wheel with you so they can drive for both of you.

Another way to avoid driving when impaired is by booking an Uber ride home instead of driving yourself home after drinking too much alcohol or taking drugs. Or better yet, don’t drink and take drugs in excess because it’s really dangerous.

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Driving while impaired is very dangerous and you should never do it. Your reaction time slows down and you can cause an accident. This can lead to your arrest which comes with a tsunami of other consequences you do not want to face. The best way to ensure this doesn’t happen is to simply not mix the two together. Leave your car behind or don’t go out with it at all. Be careful!

Written by Eric

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