The Most Important Parts of Bathroom Remodels

Remodeling a bathroom is an important project. To undertake a bathroom renovation is both an exciting and nerve-wracking prospect. Any form of renovation may be a stressful process. With the bathroom, though, the costs feel higher because of the room’s dual nature as a place of relaxation and rigorous function. There are countless options, from the mirror to the grout, and the final cost may be unexpected. We’re here to assist you if you’re considering a bathroom remodel but are unsure how to proceed. Here we have listed the Most Important Parts of Bathroom Remodels:


The bathroom design should begin with deciding on a style. There are many options, such as paint, tiling, vanities, showers, tubs, faucets, etc. You should conduct research before taking any action because things can rapidly become overwhelming if you don’t. You can begin the bathroom design process by piecing together individual components you like or decide on a single design characteristic you want to highlight and build the bathroom around. Think about the people who will use the bathroom and how they will use it, plan for the possibility of selling the property in the future, and give some thought to how the bathroom’s design will mesh with the rest of the home before you start planning it out.

Floor and Walls

As long as it is naturally or artificially waterproof, you can utilize almost any material to surface walls and floors in the bathroom. The durability of ceramic, marble, and granite tiles makes them ideal for bathroom use. Cement (painted or stained) or vinyl sheeting or tiles are low-cost and more aesthetically pleasing substitutes for traditional flooring materials. When selecting bathroom flooring, durability and slip-resistance should also be top priorities.

Lighting Without proper lighting, a bathroom may be both unusable and unsafe. Therefore it’s essential to incorporate lighting into the design process that serves a practical purpose and adds character. It is best to have at least 4 watts of incandescent lighting per square foot; however, it is best to plan for maximum natural light first.

Tile for the Bathroom

Natural stone, ceramic, or porcelain tiles are standard bathroom flooring options. The tiles on a bathroom floor are typically more textured than those on the walls. There are advantages to be gained by people of all ages and mobility levels from a bathroom renovation that prioritizes flooring with good traction. Still, it is especially vital for the elderly and the disabled.

Tiles for bathrooms come in a wide variety of designs. One common application for subway tile is in bathrooms and kitchens with tiled showers. You must decide what kind of tile you want in your bathroom, as many options are available. Your Red House personal designer is there to assist you in sorting through the many options and selecting the best one for you. Below is an example of how adding a basket-weave pattern to the classic black and white tile may elevate its visual appeal.

Modifications to the Shower Faucet

Selecting energy-efficient, water-saving shower heads when shopping for bathroom fixtures like shower faucets will help you save money on your water bill. A wide range of shower heads is available, so you won’t have to settle with the standard hotel shower anymore.

Put in a New Bathroom Sink

While a new toilet isn’t likely to top your list of renovation highlights, it could be the missing piece to your newly renovated bathroom. You can find a wide variety of high-tech loos on the market today, some of which even come with extras like bidets and slow-closing lids for added convenience. In this regard, an energy-efficient model can prevent several wasted liters of water. Make sure you get the toilet rough-in size and configuration that works with your plumbing by taking precise measurements of the area you intend to install it in.


Toilets, bidets, sinks, faucets, and shower heads are just some of the fixtures and amenities that should be refurbished or replaced during a renovation; this chore might quickly fill up an entire to-do list on its own. The mirrors and the showers’ doors should get replaced or fixed if they are old or broken. It is one of the most expensive changes to a bathroom, but showers and bathtubs are essential features. Unlike other bathroom renovations, installing a new shower or tub can be lengthy and costly.

The door knobs, drawer pulls, and shower door hardware in your bathroom can completely transform the room. Investing in a new pair of shower doors is a great way to modernise the look of your bathroom if you have the means to do so.

Shelves, racks, and cabinets

Cabinet, shelf, and storage solution planning is typically a difficult task. It’s especially true in cramped, oddly shaped spaces like the bathroom. They have to store everything you own while making it easy to get to, make the most of your area, and look good.


A well-ventilated bathroom is a must in a space as humid as that. Finding the right fan, figuring out where it should go, and dealing with the electrical wiring are all difficult jobs that call for planning. Poor bathroom ventilation can encourage mold growth and other allergens, posing a severe health risk to those who spend time there. A well-ventilated bathroom, however, has many advantages. Controlled ventilation can prevent the deterioration of any wood trim or fittings and the saturation of building insulation.

Dependable Companion

When you hire an expert contractor for your bathroom, you collaborate with skilled designers who can constantly develop a design that stuns. We pledge to be here for you from the initial planning stages of your bathroom redesign to the installation of the final touches, regardless of how extensive your renovation is.

Your bathroom remodels success or failure depends on many factors, including the plan, the logistics, the budget, and the contractor you hire. Keep these essential parts for bathroom remodel to ensure your newly renovated bathroom turns out exactly how you envisioned it. Get in touch with Home Remodelers Lafayette LA for more advice!

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