The Return of the Console War: Xbox vs. PlayStation

“The Return of the Console War” this whispers is truly exciting for game world. Both PS5 and Xbox Series S/X were launched, these devices are quite impressive for gamers.

Competition between both consoles is not about who sells the most consoles, it’s about who makes the most money and there’s a lot of money to be made. According to news, the global gaming industry produces more than $150 billion in annual revenue that is bigger than the music and movie industry. There was a time when console sales and war among console manufacturers played a central role in determining the major gamers played locally and console ownership corralled buyers into the manufacturers’ segment of the market. If you are one of those players, who are looking for a trustworthy game market to buy New World game gold, items, and equipment, then we recommend you

PlayStation vs. Xbox – Next-Generation Consoles

PS5 and Xbox Series S/X, both consoles sport significant boost to computing power including Ultra HD 4K display and faster performance as well as loading time. But the previous consoles launches, present different versions for the future of gaming.

Plain Box-like Design

The design of both consoles is quite simple, plain, and wild that makes it the plainest design a console manufacturer cloud build. The Xbox Series X literally like a box and the PS5 goes too far in other directions with a little curve and tow-tone tower. They’re both much bigger than their predecessors and potentially awkward to your media center.

The PlayStation 5 measures 16 * 4 * 10″ eclipsing even the latest Xbox Series S and X, a big box that measures 12 * 6* 6″. On the other side, the large case designs appear to feature cooling tech that is good for who much power each console pack.

PS5 Dual sense Controller vs. Xbox Series X Controller

Sony introduces an entirely new controller that is large and newly plump with long fang-like grips which should please big hands. PS5 controller also comes with some new features like adaptive triggers that can easily adjust the resistance you feel based on the game context. The DualSense also has more precise feedback similar to the HD Rumble on the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Cons that can produce very realistic vibrations.

Meanwhile, Microsoft stuck with a design that works when it came to producing a new wireless controller, a gamepad that’s nearly identical Xbox One Controller. The shape and feel of this new controller completely untouched, save for a few tweaks. Its new Share button is a nice touch and the USB connection is also good to upgrade.

PS5 vs. Xbox Series Games

It is the trickiest section because the game libraries will change after time and the launch exclusives are few and far between. Sony is pushing some PS5 exclusives like Demon’s Souls Remake, but the excellent Spider-Man: Miles Morales has a PS4 version.

The Xbox Series S/X lacks first-party exclusives that easy to run on Windows 10 and Xbox One. Microsoft has been clear that it will make all the newest games cross-generational for at least the next year and that means there isn’t a single only Xbox Series S and X game.

Conclusion (Which Console is best?)

Both Xbox Series S/X and PlayStation 5 are close to the price and performance. But they each have their own flaws in these regards and are beaten by dedicated gamers, so there are few reasons here to choose one over the other.

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