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Do you wish for time to slow down? Do you crave some semblance of peace and solitude in your overly booked schedule? Then it is time to take a break from the relentless pace of the contemporary world. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom trying to restore the chaotic mess in your familial life or a business associate, wrestling to hit daily targets and keeping your clients satisfied. We are all entitled to a little ‘me time’ to unwind and procrastinate.

While we often associate vacations with adventurous, adrenaline-filled destinations to make the most out of the missed opportunities in our mechanical lifestyle. Quaint and tranquil getaways are highly underrated and frequently dismissed as introverted ideals. Sure, the lush monstrous waves at the beach leave the surfers with an adrenaline rush but, a quiet stroll on the picturesque shores of a remote village in a forgotten corner of some country is equally liberating and energizing.

Many of us value the bliss and serenity that a staycation in the ethereal landscapes can fetch us. Suppose you are not the one to care for bustling tourist spots, rowdy and eclectic nightly rendezvous, or a packed itinerary. In that case, we have just the right places that you can visit to restore your inner peace. If you want to go snowboarding or experience skiing Northstar vacation club is the best for you.

1. Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

While Tennessee may not be a trending touristy state, it is home to the most majestic mountain range in the US. The Smoky Mountains or the Smokies are an ode to the beatific natural wilderness of the world. Spanning along the border, they are densely covered in the oldest spruce-fir forests. The mountains are blanketed in a dense layer of fog and provide panoramic views of sunrise and sunsets. Gatlinburg, which is your getaway town to the mountains, has the lushest tourist attractions. Are you ready to experience the vibrant beauty of the Smokies? All you need to do is look up the keywords condo rentals in Gatlinburg TN, and prepare for your next travel destination.

2. Rincon de la Viejas National Park, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the bluest paradise by far. It is also famous for its vast biodiversity and wildlife, from active volcanoes and beaches to the greenest forests. This place will satisfy the naturalist inside of you.

The Rincon de la park has a dormant volcano as its main attraction. The winding waterfalls and incredibly blue hot springs are a sight for sore eyes. This national park also houses some of the regal wildlife, including pumas, jaguars, and monkeys.

3. Santorini, Greece

The Greek culture has been a part of us since the beginning of western civilization. It has been home to the greatest philosophers, scientists, and artists of all time. They introduced the most strategic and dynamic political system to the world that is democracy. They are the pioneers of our very prestigious Olympic Games. Grecian culture has served the world with rich history, values and culture. It also houses a plethora of these ancient relics.

Santorini is one of the most scenic volcanic islands. Its blue coast, lined in whitewashed houses (with their symbolic blue rooftops), cobblestone streets, medieval taverns, and marketplaces provide a magical experience.

4. Maldives

These islands set on the blue waters of the Indian Ocean need no introduction in the world of tourism. From their clear skies to the white sand beaches, Maldives has established itself as a dream travel destination for us all. It houses hundreds of luxurious resorts offering stunning views of blue crystalline waters. It is an ultimate destination to destress and relax at their exceptional spas. These spas combine ancient and modern relaxing treatments, massages, and therapies with a cozy ambiance that will make you forget all your worries.

Veligandu Island is the most popular and beautiful honeymoon getaway, while the Banana Reef is every scuba diver’s dream.

5. Imperial Tokyo, Japan

Many are unaware of the stunning geographic and architectural sights of Japan. It may be surprising to learn that this technologically evolved and industrial country also caters to a historically rich culture. Japan had been home to several influential ancient dynasties. The Buddhist culture already had a solid layout in this small country of South Asia. Long before the expansion and boom of the European culture.

Japan offers a spectacular contrast between ultra-modern contemporary look and glimpses of pre-historic culture. Japanese have perfected themselves as skilled masons and architects. Although, a majority of the ancient relics have been lost to war and natural disasters. Much of it is also rebuilt and restored as an ode to its former glory.

Perhaps, the most noticeable landmark of Japan is its Fuji Mountain. However, the Imperial Palace in Tokyo has been a popular tourist spot with elegant architecture and sprawling gardens. If you wish to explore more ancient Japanese culture, the City of Nara is your place to visit- housing the most significant number of historic buildings, art, and several renowned temples like the Great East Temple with its giant bronze statue of The Great Buddha.

6. Mayan Riviera, Mexico

Mexico is becoming an increasingly popular travel destination. The country’s dazzling sights, picturesque scenery, and a cultural heritage steeped in captivating Mayan history are its main attractions. The Mayan ruins and the historic cities carry such an illustrious impact and value that they have been marked as UNESCO World Heritage Sites- ensuring that these sites remain preserved and undamaged for generations to come.

Mexico enjoys a fusion of diverse cultures. It is also heavily influenced by the ancient civilizations of Aztec and Maya. You will find remanence of the Spanish, African Arabic cultures too. Mexico is a vibrant site, with exotic music, dances, and food.

Mayan Riviera offers an endless view of crystalline blue waters and a healthy dose of serotonin at the luxurious resorts. It is the most brilliant way to ditch your worries and destress.

7. Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Blue Lagoon is the most popular tourist attraction that Iceland has to offer. It is called a ‘geothermal spa’ – located near a geothermal power plant and an active lava field. The lagoon has gained popularity because of its beautiful blue water that is supplied from the power plant. The milky blue hue of the water is due to silica settling at the bottom of the pool. Sometimes referred to as the ‘miracle bath’ because of its high mineral content from the underground layers of the plant.

Ready for a relaxing getaway?

You don’t get to travel as frequently as you wish. Making time for a peaceful and solitary rendezvous from your busy schedule is not easy. So, choose your destination smartly and lose yourself to the enchanting serenity of nature to heal, destress and detoxify mind, body, and soul.

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