Trending filters and Instagram aesthetics in photography

Description-What the trending filters for Instagram? Here are 7 examples of trending treatments among which you’re sure to find a favorite.

Instagram aesthetics is a special style that has evolved over the years of the development of this social network. Since it is mainly focused on the visual component, the design of photos has always been given a lot of attention. Trends changed, but the emphasis remained on the appearance of the account.

What is Instagram aesthetics in photography?

If the Instagram page is not “for yourself”, and you seek to gain subscribers and promote the account, it is worth paying attention to the characteristic features of the aesthetic content.

  • Acceptable retouching. Even a professional photographer with a good camera rarely gets flawless images the first time. The shots that you want to post on the page in the social network, it is worth processing. For example, with the help of, you can make your face look fresher and more attractive.
  • A specific palette. Choosing a uniform color scheme for your photos is a way to shape the atmosphere of your page. Pastels, bright, dark tones, and shades of the same color are one way to express yourself.
  • A consistent theme. Many successful Instagram accounts have some kind of niche: it can be related to your interests, profession, hobby, travel, fashion, etc.
  • Minimalism. Simplicity and clean composition is an important component of social media aesthetics. Since a huge amount of content passes in front of our eyes every day, unnecessary visual noise only irritates and causes a desire to scroll through. Photos cleaned of unnecessary details and focused on the main idea look attractive.
  • Processing. Choose a uniform style for your photos. For example, this could be vintage filters, adding graininess, adjusting contrast, and saturation. If the page is given a common tone, it is pleasant to browse, the subscriber is left with a feeling of integrity, completeness, and thoughtfulness.
  • Grid Composition. Take into consideration how the Instagram page will look as a whole. Before a visitor visits a particular post, they see several rows of pictures in the account. The aesthetics of this social network suggest that the page owner cares about the overall look.
  • Selfies and personal shots. Even if you blog on finances and post thematic pictures, sometimes it is worthwhile to dilute them with personal photos. Publishing life moments forms a warmer and more intimate connection with your audience.

Trending filters for Instagram

Using filters for Instagram photos is a must-have for those who consciously maintain an account. Here are 7 examples of trending treatments among which you’re sure to find a favorite.

  1. Clarendon. One of the popular filters on Instagram is used to smooth out photos and intensify the intensity of colors. It’s great for brightening up photos, highlighting foreground objects, and adding brightness.
  2. Gingham. After its application, photos become more interesting, muted colors and shades of yellow bring a romantic effect to the photo. It is best suited for light-colored photos.
  3. Reyes. Many filters aim to add a touch of vintage. The specialty of Reyes is excellent retouching of portrait photos, especially when there are small imperfections on the skin.
  4. Mayfair. Filters for photos allow you not only to change the mood of the photo but also to set accents. Mayfair darkens the edges of the photo, drawing attention to the objects in the center.
  5. Willow. If you want to turn a color photo into a black-and-white one, the Willow filter can help. Not only does it turn off colors, but it also makes the photo matte. It can also be used for retro-style processing.
  6. Juno. If you want to make the photo more juicy and colorful, use this process. It increases saturation and contrast while keeping them balanced so that the shot doesn’t look acidic or over-lit.
  7. Ludwig. Sometimes you want to make a photo softer and lighter. Ludwig processing makes shades pastel, muted, and gentle.

Using filters is fun and creative. But by applying too many processing options to a single photo, you can overload it. After working with the shot, give it some time to rest and evaluate your work later with a fresh set of eyes.

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