UAE: Where Can You Get Your Money’s Worth When Buying A Villa?

Not getting your money’s worth is a complete deal-breaker for investors. For homeowners who intend to stay and build a family there, it is often sufficient that the property is in a convenient location and with a desirable facility. Such buyers care more about utility than profit, but as an investor hoping to make better turnover and earnings, the investment must yield profit.

What does it mean to get your money’s worth?

There are two main ways to approach this:

You get your money’s worth when you purchase a marketable property with an increasing market value in the right neighbourhood; meaning that when it is time to rent or sell, there will only be a significant increase and not the other way round.

For families, getting your money’s worth means obtaining the value commensurate or higher than the money paid for getting the property.

To get your money’s worth you must keep three things in mind:

  1. Purchase from the hot spots/ areas: some areas are in-demand than others. Owning real estate in such locations is a huge plus because such is easy to market whether for rental or sales purposes in the future. Also keep in mind that there are some areas that are not necessarily hotspots at the moment, but which have high potential (such are great places to invest in too).
  2. Purchase a durable and marketable piece: How marketable is the property? What are the facilities? Will they still be sellable in 5 years? You may consider the reputation of the developer on the one hand and the market trends on the other.
  3. Maintenance against depreciation: Furthermore, it is not enough to buy a great piece. You must learn to adopt a healthy maintenance structure to preserve the business.
  4. Put the property to immediate use: Either use, occupy, or rent out the apartment because this is the first step against fighting depreciation.

There are villas for sale in Dubai Hills, Jumeirah Village Circle, and a host of other locations you may be wondering if they are worth the money, here are some features to consider in determining a purchase that is worth it.

Places to target: there are locations where a villa purchase will most definitely yield good returns. They include; Al Furjan villas, the Jumeirah Golf Estates, the Dubai Silicon Oasis, the Springs, Dubai Hills, Jumeirah village circle, Jumeirah Park, the meadows, Emirates Hills villas, and the Dubai Properties’ Villas.

The kind of villas to target: Secondly, you must consider what is in high demand and what you are looking for (if you are buying for personal purposes). According to Emirate.Estate, luxurious villas are fast sellers in most recent times. The exotic villas with waterfront and well-decorated suites are preferred over the ones positioned outside the main cities. People often visit the UAE to experience luxury and are willing to pay for it. So, if you are considering investing in a villa, you can target one in a lovely location and with a perfect suite. Additionally, research revealed that proximity to areas such as schools, the mall, a Galleria, and a proper access road to town improves the desirability of villas. The target market (people) who want villas, want to live a quiet life, and also have getaway options to visit the main hubs of the city.

In conclusion, we recommend that you have a trusted property consultant to walk you through the process, this will protect your best interest and help you in making better choices that suit your needs.

Written by Eric

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