Using the SMS Length Calculator Tool – What are the Benefits?

Many people have a problem with running out of characters when writing a text message. The problem is, that they don’t notice this until it is too late and they either need to rewrite the text or they send a larger one making it more expensive. That is why tools like SMS Length Calculator are developed and they are already helping many people with texting. Follow this article to learn the benefits of using the SMS length calculator.

What are the benefits of using the SMS Length Calculator Tool?

This app was created in order to help people format their messages more easily which is important when it comes to business texts. A split and unformatted text can look very unprofessional, so this counter helps you overcome this obstacle. That is why this tool does not only work by counting words, but also examining what you write and what kind of symbols you use.

The SMS Length Calculator is a very useful tool especially when you are not observing every part of your phone screen and don’t see that you are running out of characters. This tool has multiple purposes and does not just work as a counter. This article will show you what are the benefits of the SMS Length Calculator tool and you should have it among your apps.

What does the SMS Length Calculator tool do?

This little tool does more than just calculate how many characters you wrote in the text message. Aside from alerting you when you reach your text length limit, it has more uses than you need to know about. After seeing what it can do you will surely realize how much you need this tool. Here are the main uses of the SMS Length Calculator tool:

  1. It counts the number of characters in the text message. As it was said before, and you could have figured this out from the name of the tool, but you have to know that not all charsets are equal. While the original design has 160 some sets like unicorn reduce the number to 70 characters. The tool will notify you in case your message needs to be split into two different ones.
  2. It calculates the cost of your message. This feature is very useful for you to keep track of what you are spending. The ‘text message cost’ tool will also allow you to choose which country you want to send the SMS to, and it will also calculate how much the message will cost.
  3. It gives you a preview of your text message on different devices. This preview system helps you to see what the message you are sending will look like on different mobile devices such as Android, Apple, and regular cellular phones.
  4. It examines a detailed view of your text message. This feature helps you see into the nature of the characters that you are using when writing a text. For example, when writing with regular GSM characters, they are shown in grey color, while non-GSM ones that create a Unicode meaning there are fewer characters you can write are displayed in yellow. This way you can know exactly why you have reached your limit so early. This helps you to gain more control over the text messages you send, as well as to change or edit symbols that are taking up more space in your character count.

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What are the benefits of the SMS Length Calculator tool?

As you have seen above, this is a very useful tool especially for professional people conducting business. It helps you look more professional which gives everyone else a more positive impression of you. The main thing it does is giving you more control over the text message board, but here are some more things:

  • It tells you in how many parts will your message be split once you are done formatting it
  • It gives you an inside look at all types of mobile devices giving you the advantage to see how it will look like and adjust it to the phone you are sending it to
  • It counts the cost of the message, as well as tell you how much it will cost in different countries
  • It gives you a chance to edit space-consuming symbols
  • It determines the number of characters on your message quickly so you could know to be careful
  • It separates GSM and Unicode characters giving you a chance to change them before sending a message

As you can see, this tool is a very useful one if you want to save money and format the text messages you send more easily. It is very easy to use and makes texting way simpler for you. Seeing how it will look on other devices helps you format the text accordingly so that no one on the other side of the line gets confused. Start using this tool today.

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