What are the benefits of a flat roof?

Had a survey and been told you need a new roof?

Industrial roofing contractors typically recommend installing a flat roof rather than a pitched or sloped roof, and it’s not surprising given the benefits they can bring!

Allow the team at Roofing Consultants Group to explain the reasons why you should consider a flat roof for your industrial building.

  • Quick and easy to install

Although it depends on the size of the building, installing a flat roof won’t take a professional long at all.

A flat roof requires fewer construction materials, and these are often cheaper and easier to work with than others, such as tiles and rafters.

  • Low maintenance

One of the biggest benefits of flat roofs is that there are fewer dangers involved with maintaining them.

This means gutter cleaning and repairs will be easier (and safer) to accomplish. And because they won’t have to worry about falling off the roof while repairing and cleaning it, most industrial roofing contractors will charge less.

  • Easily accessible

All work on roofs is highly dangerous and proper precautions need to be taken to eliminate serious injuries and fatalities.

However, unlike their sloped counterparts, flat roofs are easier to climb upon and inspect – making the roofer’s job of maintaining and repairing them much simpler.

  • Long-lasting

Withstanding harsh elements, the durability and strength of a flat roof are unsurpassed. This is ideal for industrial premises in the UK that receive more than their fair share of wet and windy weather.

While it depends on the quality of the products used, flat roofs can last anywhere between 30-40 years – sometimes even longer with the appropriate upkeep.

  • Versatile

How you use your flat roof is entirely your decision.

For example, you could install solar panels on the roof to reduce your carbon footprint and keep your energy bills low. Alternatively, using thermoplastic roofing will help to retain heat in the winter months – ensuring a warm, comfy environment for your workers.

You can choose from a variety of materials and techniques to suit your industrial processes, too.

  • Cost-effective

Given how quickly they can be installed and the fact they cover a relatively small surface area, flat roofs are a cost-effective solution for businesses that need a roof replacement.

Flat roofs are more affordable to maintain than other types, allowing you to save on costly repairs further down the line.

Discuss your roofing project with the experts

If you’re toying with the idea of installing a flat roof but need an expert opinion, be sure to get in touch with our industrial roofing contractors here at Roofing Consultants Group.

Our team has extensive knowledge and experience and will happily answer your questions regarding flat roofs and their benefits.

We have completed a range of industrial roofing projects for clients across the UK and are confident we can help you to find the perfect solution.

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