What You Need to Know About Golden Visas

The Golden Visa is a program that allows investors to acquire residency or citizenship in countries around the world by investing in local real estate.

The idea behind the visa is to attract more high net worth individuals from outside of the country and help stimulate economic growth. This article will discuss what you need to know about Golden Visas and how they work.

What Is A Golden Visa?

The golden visa scheme, also known as the golden passport program, is a plan to make it easier for foreigners who invest in property or companies in certain countries – namely Spain – to acquire citizenship within that country. The idea behind the project was originally introduced by José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero’s administration during 2007-2011.

The requirements vary from country to country. The Portuguese golden visa Program, for example, requires that applicants have the equivalent of €500K or invest at least €350K in an approved golden visa project. Golden visas are an excellent tool for attracting foreign investment into European Union Member States at times when there is a limited appetite amongst Europeans.


The types of golden visas issued by countries around the world are diverse and include both residential and citizenship types.

Residence-based golden visa programs allow immigrants to reside in a country without working or studying, while work permits may be required for those who wish to do so.

Citizenship types generally require an investment into the economy, as well as language proficiency and knowledge of cultural norms.

When it comes down to deciding which type is right for you, there are many factors that should influence your decision including employment opportunities available in the country, whether you intend on starting a business or not, how much money you’re willing or able to invest (or borrow), what kind of lifestyle appeals most to you along with personal preferences about safety levels when it comes to crime or healthcare.

Some types of golden visas are more limited, and therefore competitive than others. For example, only a small number of countries offer citizenship-based programs; likewise, there is no residence-based golden visa program available in the United States due to its strict immigration policy which requires applicants to demonstrate an ability to live self-sufficiently without seeking employment (though other types may be possible).

Other types that might not require as much time and investment include entrepreneur visas like those offered by Spain, student visas, and residency types that allow for a gradual extension of the length of stay as long as certain conditions are met.


Keep in mind that there is no one golden visa program that suits every person’s needs, which means it’s important to know about all types before making any decisions or compromises.

The Benefits of A Golden Visa

Golden visas can potentially provide a path to diverse opportunities. It all depends on the countries. Benefits include:

  • Big investors may be granted a renewable ten-year residence permit which gives them access to public services like healthcare and education without having any requirement to work during those years
  • Holders can apply for citizenship after five years of being resident in some countries
  • Citizenship applications are expedited
  •  Golden Visas May guarantee voting rights and freedom from customs duties on imports

The types of investments accepted range significantly based on each country’s golden visa program – some require an active business while others just want proof of financial resources – golden visas cannot be granted unless applicants meet certain criteria.

Who Can Apply For A Golden Visa

The Qualifying Country must be the individual’s country of residence at the time they apply for a Golden Visa.

It is possible to hold more than one nationality, and in this case, an individual would need to live in their “Qualifying Country” for 12 months out of every 18-month period (if using periods that end on 31 December each year), or six months out of every nine-month period if using periods ending on 30 September each year. The qualifying country does not have to be an EU member state; it can also include other countries such as Switzerland, Singapore, and Canada which offer similar citizenship programs providing certain conditions are met.

For instance, a non us citizen can apply for a golden visa by either investing $500,000 USD in a U.S. enterprise or by making an investment of at least $250,000 and creating/preserving ten full-time jobs with the new commercial enterprise they establish in the United States. Non-citizens do not need to live in America permanently but must be present there on average more than half the time over 18 months.

It is also important to note that you cannot invest your way onto one of these visas as it only applies if you are already living inside American borders when applying.

These requirements ensure that applicants will not become reliant on local social security systems during their stay and do not use welfare services such as health or social care.

How To Apply For A Golden Visa

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It’s a complicated process that you should talk about with your lawyer or an immigration expert before making any decisions about investing abroad.

The application process starts with filling out an online form and requires a lot of supporting documents. The supporting documents include bank statements, a tax return, and personal documents such as passports or driver’s licenses.  An application fee will be charged.

A golden visa is not guaranteed. You have to pass various checks by European authorities in order to get it. The process takes about six months on average but can take longer if you need extra information or want to appeal the decision of an authority that has denied your application for some reason.

In addition, you will also need medical insurance coverage valid throughout the Schengen Area. There are other potential requirements for spouses and children who come with you when applying for this kind of residency permit so make sure they’re all covered before making any decisions about moving abroad!

If you’ve been looking for a great opportunity to invest in your future, then take a look at what the Golden Visa offers. A golden visa provides an easy way to get residency and citizenship by investing in property or another business venture. Golden Visas are a great way to not only get yourself or your family out of an unstable situation but also increase the growth potential for you as well. If you’re looking into applying for a Golden Visa, make sure that you have all information and documentation ready before starting the application process. The more prepared you are for verifying financial history and assets will help expedite this process even further.

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