What’s Trending in the Wedding Sector?

Approximately 2.5 million weddings will take place this year, as published in the Wedding Report. This is the largest number the industry has experienced since 1984 and it is the direct result of so many weddings being postponed during the height of the pandemic. Spending is also high, with the average spending equalling pre-pandemic levels and the total expenditure this year estimated to be approximately $60 billion. Whether you are a professional in the sector or you are currently planning your wedding, what dominant industry trends should you take notice of?

Outdoor Weddings Continue to Hold Sway

Nature has come to play an important role in mental health and wellness over the past two years, and it is only logical that this ‘revalued asset’ should play an important role in an event as romantic as a wedding. Outdoor weddings are additionally safer and they enable couples to confidently celebrate larger events in the company of family and friends of all ages. This year, it’s all about celebrating the wonder of nature with boho chic-inspired touches, ranging from long reclaimed wood tables to wildflower decorations, macrame chandeliers, and boho grasses and wildflowers.

Villa Rentals

One big trend in 2022 weddings involves extended celebrations. Numerous couples postponed their weddings in 2020 and 2021 due to restrictions and the inability of friends from abroad and interstate to travel to their event. Indeed, many future brides and grooms have not seen their loved ones in two or more years and weddings are being viewed as the perfect opportunity to re-establish vital connections. Those celebrating in idyllic destinations are therefore renting out large villas and other types of accommodation to spend time with loved ones in a relaxed setting. Luxury villas with various bedrooms and amenities such as pools and saunas are perfect for this type of long weekend (or full week) pre-wedding family bonding time. Friends, meanwhile, are booking nearby resorts and checking out the sites in the days prior to or after the wedding.

Unique, Bespoke Wedding Rings

Pandemic times have highlighted the importance of meaning-making through rituals and ceremonies such as marriage. Modern-day brides and grooms are seeking to express themselves on their big day, choosing themes, fashions, and wedding jewelry that expresses their style and personality. While classic ring styles such as princess and emerald cut solitaires will always be in vogue, many couples are opting for everyday, trending pieces such as pave diamond bands with unique designs (including twists, X-shapes, and heart-shaped eternity bands) for both their engagement rings and wedding bands. Men’s jewelry has really come a long way, with grooms now interested in looking beyond traditional gold bands. Just a few newer materials holding sway among sartorial grooms include white, gray, and black tungsten carbide, cobalt, and tantalum.

Destination Weddings

The global easing of travel restrictions has put destination weddings back on the map. Once again, couples are embracing dreamlike destinations like the Amalfi Coast, Mykonos, and Phuket to celebrate their Big Day. When making their choice, they are prioritizing photographable spots such as ancient forests, seasides, countryside chateaus, and castles. Some are combining their celebrations with a pre- or post-reception private yacht charter, taking up to eight special guests along for a family-focused getaway at sea.
The wedding industry is back in full swing, with many event planners and venues fully booked for the rest of the year. Couples are once again holding destination weddings and parties that celebrate togetherness and traditional festivities. Nature is still holding sway, as are villa rentals in nature-surrounded destinations.

Written by Eric

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