When to send out newborn announcement cards?

Whether it is a card that is printed or available with you on your phone there has to be a suitable time on which you will send out your newborn announcement cards. A special time in your life has to be celebrated in a special way that is why parents opt for these announcement cards that will tell everyone that the parents have welcomed their little bundle of joy into their lives. There is no specific way in which you can share the news. Even if you want to send the announcements via email or social media you can choose to do that.

Very few people keep the birth announcement etiquette in mind before they leave their home to go to the hospital to bring their little one into the world. Even after you bring your child home you will not have the time yourself to send out new born announcements as you will be very busy soaking in all the love that your baby will be giving you. There are many challenges that new parents have to deal with, they have so much on their plate because they are so new to the whole process of giving and taking care of a baby.

When to send out these cards

Following up on the birth there will be a time when the baby announcements are going to be on top of your mind. That is the perfect time to send them out as everyone will be looking out for them. A newborn announcement will add happiness to their life and they will feel euphoric. If you have found your perfect birth announcement ahead of time it will not be a problem for you to send them out when the baby arrives.

  • How to prepare yourself for it?: The first step in sending out a baby announcement card is designing it and then getting it printed. Prior to the birth of the baby, you have to make sure that you have the right home address and email addresses of the people you want to send the cards to. Before you send out the cards there might be a few small details that you might want to add to the card like the weight and height of the baby at the time they are born.

Announcement card etiquettes

There isn’t a set pattern as to how the card should be made but there are certain websites through which you can source a template and then work on it to make it close to your heart. There are a few things that you need to decide before you start customizing a card like whether you would want to add a picture to the card or not followed by the small details about the baby.

  • Sending the announcements: For most people whether it is a newborn announcement or a first birthday invite they need to be sent out in time. Newborn announcements can be sent out for 6 months while first birthday invites can be sent a week prior to the birthday. Make things easier for you by ordering things online like stamps and printing the addresses on the envelopes so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of writing.

Many people tend to understand how busy a parent gets when they bring their baby into the world. That is why you don’t have to rush yourself into the process of sending the cards out. Although it is ideal to send them out as soon as the baby is born, you can send them out at your convenience and at what time you are comfortable.

Written by Eric

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