Why An Elopement Wedding Might Be For You

Elopement weddings are becoming increasingly popular amongst young couples as they are a more affordable, more intimate way of getting married. Here are some reasons why you might want to opt for an elopement over a traditional wedding.

What is eloping?

The technical term of eloping means “to run away together and secretly get married” but gone are the days of Gretna Green and spur of the moment Las Vegas weddings. Elopements now are considered a cost-effective and romantic way to tie the knot without all the stress of organising a big event.

It’s a more informal, quicker to organise way of getting wed. However, it still needs a lot of careful consideration and planning.

Benefits of eloping

You’ll need to consider your funds and options before any kind of wedding. However, elopement weddings can cost a fraction of this price and, depending on what you’re after, some can be as little as a few hundred pounds.

If you’re looking for the bare minimum, are borrowing a dress and suit or even wearing one of your own favourite outfits, an elopement wedding can be a cheaper alternative and can be still just as special.

Elopement weddings mean you get to forget about the stress of organising meals and seating plans and focus on what’s important; your love for one another.

This way, you don’t have to invite everyone and their neighbour to your wedding and worry about the costs racking up or inviting someone because you feel like you have to. It could be just you and your partner, or close-knit family such as parents and siblings if you wish.

You can also turn your wedding into more of an event, outing, or start your honeymoon as soon as you’ve said, “I do”.

Elopement weddings can also be performed almost anywhere by a celebrant, meaning that one place that you both hold dear, or the first place you met, can become your wedding venue of choice.

However, do check the laws in your country as some places have restrictions on where weddings can and can’t take place.

Should you be engaged before you elope?

Some people wonder whether they should have a traditional engagement before eloping. The answer is totally up to you. If you’d like to, then you can; but don’t feel pressured.

The idea of an elopement is to let go of any stereotypical wedding expectations and traditions, and instead go with what you think is best for the both of you.

Some couples might decide to skip the engagement part and get wed straight away, completely in secret. Others may choose to publicly announce their engagement and then sneak off to do the wedding, or even explain to their family and close friends why they are choosing an elopement wedding over a large celebration.

If you are planning to get a few close friends involved in your elopement wedding at any special place, you can get destination wedding invitations through Bride & Groom Direct. These invites can be customized based on your requirements and can add more memories to your special elopement wedding.

There isn’t a set rule on how to elope, so have fun and make it a personal experience for you both!

The legalities of elopement weddings

Depending on where abouts you live, or where abouts you wish to elope to, the rules and regulations can vary.

It’s important to check with government laws to ensure that your elopement plans comply with rules in that area and that you won’t face any issues. It’s also important to consider the land in which you are eloping on. Is it a public space or could you be considered as trespassing?

Always get permission from the landowners before eloping to save any awkward conversations or unwanted fines.

In the UK it’s also important that you ‘give notice’ to your local registry office at least 29 days before your wedding ceremony. The elopement must then be performed within 12 months of this date, else you will have to reaffirm your notice.

Written by Eric

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