Why More And More People Are Investing In Cat Wall Shelves

If you’re a cat owner or you’re planning to adopt one, you should invest in cat furniture where your pet can find pleasure with. Your furry friend will have a more enjoyable experience staying and accompanying you while you spend most of the time at home.

Why Cat Wall Shelves?

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Cat wall shelves are pieces of furniture intended for cats to climb, stay put, land, and get up high. Some examples of these furniture pieces include catwalks, bed shelves, scratching post perches, and cat steps.

In this article, you’ll learn the important reasons why more and more people are into cat wall shelves.

1. Just In Time With The Pandemic

People are spending more time at home with their pets, especially during the COVID-19 health scare. Because office jobs were forced to shift to remote or online work, many people find adopting pets as one way to keep them company and to reduce stress.

While you’re busy with your virtual business meetings, your cats can have fun landing and jumping on cat wall shelves. You won’t worry too much about your cat getting enough attention because cat furniture pieces have them covered.

2. Promotes Social Well-being

Your cat is a social being wanting to form a strong bond with you. As much as you benefit from the companionship of your pets, they also need you to attend to their social needs. Kittens often indulge in self-play, so they can entertain themselves by chasing human feet and tossing cat toys. Adult cats, on the other hand, need direct stimulation. Cats also get lonely when they’re left unattended for a long time.

Therefore, it’s important to meet your cat’s need for companionship by setting a time to play with your pet. Investing in cat furniture supplements your presence, giving your cats an alternative while waiting for you to interact with them. You could consider checking cat furniture from The Refined Feline and other reliable sources to find out the best options for your furry friends.

3. Keeps Everyone Safe And Secure

Indoor cats have hunting instincts. If they have a high perch overlooking the main living space or window, it’s a great way for them to hone their skills. Also, they feel more safe and secure when they can climb up high.

Cats always find a safe place to escape from predators. In the house, they tend to run away when they perceive threats and invasion of their boundaries, especially when around children and dogs.

One way to prevent your cat from attacking is by installing cat wall shelves. This great innovation gives your cats a safe place to go. Also, cat wall perches expand a cat’s territory vertically, which is an excellent way to make use of space.

Here are the safety features you need to look for when investing in cat furniture:

  • Enough Space: Make sure the wall shelf is large enough for your cat to lie down and to land when climbing up and down to avoid falling.
  • Secured Panels: Make sure to install the shelves securely using screws and nails, depending on the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Durable Materials: Invest in high-quality cat furniture perches and shelves, so your lovely feline can use it for a long time regardless of movements and other hunting practice activities.

4. Keeps Everyone Active

Having a cat keeps your boredom away while you spend most of the time at home. If you’re a remote worker or an e-commerce entrepreneur, staying in front of your computer can be tiring. Also, it leaves you sitting all day, which could make you gain too much weight because you lack exercise.

Cats usually sleep for most of the day, but they also need to get physical activities as you do. Your cat can climb in cat wall perches and shelves to stay fit. Also, you can be active with your cats by playing a chasing game to utilize your energy while having fun with your furry friend. Besides the physical aspect, you can improve your mental performance by interacting with your cats.

However, when you’re too busy, your pet may get bored. Cats can find ways to entertain themselves, but they’re usually in the form of disrupting your home furniture. You can direct your pet to its scratching post or playroom with several cat wall shelves to engage in a non-destructive self-play.

5. Cat Furniture Makes The Home Pet-friendly

Investing in modern cat furniture pieces also provides your house with interior aesthetic appeal. You can make your home pet-friendly, which reflects your good qualities as a homeowner.

There are different colors, sizes, and designs of cat furniture you can choose from such as:

  • Curved Wooden Cat Bed Shelves: You can find small cat bed shelves made from eco-friendly wood like birch plywood. A slight curve bed structure promotes maximum feline comfort. You can choose from several wood finishes matching your interior.
  • Shelf Scratching Post Perches: You’ll find cat perches that are also scratching posts. Choose one covered in sisal for easy grip and climb for your cat’s claws.
  • Catwalk Wall Shelves: Choose from simple shelf designs to sophisticated ones in expanding your feline’s living space and in providing them a high vantage point.
  • Wooden Floating Shelf With Carpet: If your cat loves the carpet, choose a wooden floating wall shelf carpet. It’s a perfect perching spot for your feline.
  • Complete Cat Wall Furniture Set: A cat wall furniture set comes with a box, a scratching post, and a wobble bridge. This complete cat wall climbing system is versatile since you can tailor-fit it for your space.


More and more people are investing in cat furniture because of the tremendous benefits they provide for the cats and their owners. Cats have the instinct to hunt, and having cat wall shelves is one way to feed and stimulate their mental needs to hunt.

Cat wall perches and shelves make a great addition to your home, providing a safe place for your cats to hide, burn off energy, and have some fun.

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