Why Switching to Aluminum Bottles is the Smart Choice

Is your business using up hundreds of plastic water bottles each day only for you to dispose of them in the nearest landfill? You may be worried about the environmental impacts these have to the ecosystem, but bottled water is just so convenient to use in events, restaurants, and marathons. Bottled water is also sanitary, and keeps the water fresh for your event.

While most people tend to think that plastic bottles can be recycled, the truth to the matter is that there are only a handful of plastic materials that are classified as recyclable. Furthermore, even recyclable plastic bottles are more often found in landfills than the recycling plant, as plastic is not commonly recycled due to health concerns and costs.

Instead of using up more plastic that just ends up as ocean waste, switch to aluminum bottled water instead to prevent more plastic making its way into landfills. Aluminum is a recyclable, sustainable material that is perfect for storing neutral beverages like water, as it keeps the water fresh without leaching harmful chemicals like plastic bottles do.

Here are our top five reasons to switch from using plastic water bottles to aluminum ones, regardless if it’s for your personal consumption, or for your business or event. Ideally, purchasing aluminum bottles in bulk saves up on costs, making aluminum bottles an affordable option compared to glass bottles!

1. Aluminum is Sustainable.

Aluminum is known as a highly-sustainable material. Mined directly from natural deposits, aluminum is endlessly recyclable, and up to 70% of all aluminum used today is actually made from recycled aluminum instead of raw aluminum. 

In fact, aluminum is more sustainable than paper cups used by restaurants to serve complimentary water. Paper cups often have a plastic liner that makes the material impossible to recycle, as the process to separate the plastic liner and the paper material is too tedious. Recycling paper cups is costly, and uses more energy than creating new ones. 

My Own Water, a brand of bottled water that offers sustainable aluminum bottles, has an easy-to-read infographic on how aluminum is a sustainable material that outshines plastic bottles in terms of being environmentally friendly. You can find out more through their website: 

2. Aluminum is Eco-friendly.

Because aluminum is recyclable, it does not clutter landfills – becoming the more eco-friendly choice versus plastic water bottles, and glass bottles that can shatter easily. Aluminum does not degrade easily, but is reusable as long as the shape of the bottle is intact.

The process of recycling aluminum is also eco-friendly; using up only 5% of the energy it takes to mine raw materials. This means that recycled aluminum is not only more environmentally friendly, it is more affordable to produce than raw aluminum.

Unlike aluminum cans used for sodas and juice, aluminum water bottles typically don’t include a plastic lining inside, making the entire recycling process straightforward from cleaning to disinfection, and to melting and molding into new products! Aluminum is better for the environment, and better for you!

3. You can customize aluminum water bottles.

One of the big perks of a plastic bottle is that the label is customizable. However, aluminum bottles are just as customizable as plastic water bottles are, and still contribute less to environmental degradation. 

Aluminum water bottles can even be etched with a design for an interactive and textured feel, while still keeping its contents fresh until opened. The design or shape of the bottle is also easier to manipulate, and aluminum bottles can be fitted with labels to customize the bottle for a specific business or event. 

4. Aluminum water bottles can help your business.

With customized aluminum water bottles, businesses can take the opportunity to make use of this unique and effective marketing tool. Bottled water is portable, and with an aluminum bottle being carried around by your patrons, your business can gain more brand recognition, as well as awareness when used as a promotional tool.

Custom aluminum bottles also show that your business puts care and effort into your products, serving up water in eco-friendly, professional-looking packaging that sets you apart from your competitors! 

5. Aluminum bottles are durable and reusable.

Finally, aluminum bottles are the smart choice as they are durable and reusable as long as the bottle holds its shape. Glass bottles shatter upon impact, and plastic bottles leach harmful chemicals into the water when heated or left to sit too long.

Aluminum bottles are shatter resistant, and keep your water free of impurities even when fully dented. You can reuse aluminum bottles as long as you want without worrying about the harmful effects to your health or to the environment! 

Written by Eric

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