Why The Big Island Of Hawaii Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List

Most of us have a bucket list of things we want to do and places we want to visit. Different countries give you the chance to get to know a range of cultures, a new language and a variety of people and customs. You may have your own personal reasons to visit a certain location, but if not, it is a good idea to go somewhere that gives you the opportunity to do a variety of things so that you get the most of it.

Hawaii is one of the top destinations on most people’s bucket list, and you should consider adding it to yours as well. In this article, we will give you a few reasons why the big island of Hawaii should be on your travel bucket list.

The Untouched Scenery

One of the main reasons Hawaii is so popular among tourists is due to the beautiful views of green and blue. Some areas in this island have looked the same as they did a thousand years ago, and they remain as natural as back then. Hawaii is considered a paradise because of the mountains, volcanoes, and waterfalls that you will see whilst exploring this beautiful destination. You can take great pictures whilst on vacation that you can take back to your friends and family and make them very jealous.

It’s a Versatile Place

You may want to go on a holiday simply to get some time away and relax on the beach, which is perfectly fine. However, there are a diversity of activities you can do. Usually, people assume that Hawaii is good for the beaches and scenery; however, there’s a lot more to this island than meets the eye. You must know which activities are available in the area when you are planning your holiday so that you can ensure to enjoy your stay on the island to the maximum. Hawaii has busy cities filled with markets and stores, which is great if you just want to have a day out in town. Moreover, you may be surprised to know that Hawaii has one of the best nightlife that you could find.

The Friendly Natives

Hawaiians are extremely friendly, which makes Hawaii one of the best places for you to visit. There is nothing nicer than going to a different country and being welcomed by its natives. However, as you would expect, it may be a good idea to learn more about the country, the culture, and some vocabulary before you go there. This is fundamental as people in different countries have different morals and different beliefs, and what is considered respectful to you may not be respectful to someone else from a different country. Hawaiians can be regarded as religious and superstitious, and they may expect you to behave accordingly.

The Culture

Hawaii is a place that is rich in culture waiting to be explored. You will find a blend of influences and unique traditions when you go to Hawaii. We must note that Hawaiian people are incredibly superstitious, and you should be more aware of this before visiting the country so you do not disrespect it. In Hawaiin, it is common to believe that there are spirits in the ocean, mountains, and volcanoes, and they must be respected. There will be places that are sacred and forbidden to you, and you should always respect this.

The Weather

Hawaii is known for its weather and for those who like the warm sun and beautiful sunshine, this is the place for you. Hawaii has a winter season; however, the temperature does not usually fall under 24 degrees, meaning you can enjoy the sun pretty much any time of the year.

The Delicious Food

Hawaii has been influenced by a diversity of cultures and ethnicities. This influence includes the food served by Hawaiian people, which is just delicious. He may find some traditional dishes in most restaurants around the island, including Poi and lomi salmon. If you enjoy trying different cuisines, then you will enjoy Hawaii.

The Wildlife

You may have seen this in movies and TV shows, but it is certainly just like that in real life. Hawaii is greatly known for the abundance of wildlife in the area. Whether you are on water or soil, you will encounter some of the unique creatures out there. You even have the opportunity to swim with the turtles and other marine creatures, which is an experience you will never forget.

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If you are unsure of where to go next or which location to add to your bucket list, the reasons discussed above should increase your interest in Hawaii and be enough to make you add this beautiful location to your list of places to visit.

Written by Eric

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