Xenia Pace Rhodes – What Happened To The Celebrity Kid?

Real Name:Xenia Pace Rhodes
Birthday:August 31, 1989 - February 11, 2001
Net WorthN./A
Height:167 cm
Occupation:Daughter of LaShun Pace

Xenia Pace Rhodes was the daughter of Christian Music Hall of Fame artist, LaShun Pace. Her mother was one of the most famous Christian music artists. Over the years, LaShun has won Stellar and Soul Train awards.

What happened to the young Xenia? What was her personal life like? Let’s take a look.

Who Was Her Celebrity Mother?

Before we can talk about Xenia Rhodes, we have to talk about her mother. After all, the sole reason for her fame and popularity is thanks to her mother.

Born Tarrian Lashun Pace, she is professionally known as Lashun Pace Rhodes or Shun Pace Rhodes. Born in September 1961, she passed away in March 2022. The American Grammy Award-nominated gospel singer and evangelist faced many challenges throughout her life. But none was bigger than the death of her daughter Xenia.

Pace was born into a big family. She was the fifth child in a family with 10 children. Born to Pastor Murphy J. Pace and Bettie Ann Pace in Atlanta, Georgia, she was raised in a small community. Pace and her brothers and sisters all lived in the community called Poole Creek.

Speaking about her education, we know she attended Walter F. George High School. Nowadays, the school is renamed South Atlanta High School. She graduated in 1979 and then began her professional career.

LaShun began her career early on, singing in her teenage years during the mid-1970s. In the beginning, she performed solo or with her sisters in the group The Anointed Pace Sisters. The group performed up until the late 1980s.

Her singing and ministering skills were praised by fans when she was on tour with the Rev. Gene Martin and the Action Revival Team.

In 1988, she recorded in The House of the Lord with Dr. Jonathan Creer and the Cathedral of Faith Church of God in Christ Choirs for Savoy Records. After that, the label signed her as a solo artist.

In 1990, LaShun released her debut album, titled He Lives. It reached Number 2 on the Billboard gospel charts. This album contained her signature song, I Know I’ve Been Changed.

Besides music, the Christian music singer also enjoyed a short acting career. She co-starred as the Angel of Mercy in the 1992 movie, Leap of Faith with Steve Martin.

Speaking of her personal life, she was married to Edward Rhodes, a pastor from Georgia. The two were married from 1986 until 1999. They have two daughters together, Xenia Pace Rhodes and Aarion Pace Rhodes.

In 2003, the singer released her autobiography titled For My Good But For His Glory. In that, she discussed many topics, including the death of her firstborn daughter Xenia.

Pace passed away in March 2022. She was 60 at the time. The famous singer was battling kidney failure. She has been on dialysis for several years and was waiting for a kidney transplant. LaShun passed away from organ failure.

Quick Bio

Now let’s talk about Xenia Rhodes, the firstborn child of the famous Christian music artist. Born in August 1989 to Edward Rhodes and LaShun Pace, she didn’t live to see her teenage years. Her exact birthplace remains unknown.

Sadly, she passed away on February 11, 2011, from a heart attack. The young celebrity child passed away early. She had an enlarged heart and this was the reason for her eventual demise.

At the time of her passing, she was only 11 years old. She was the older daughter in the family. Her younger sister Aarion Pace Rhodes continues to live and remember the family. Her parents got married in 1986 and remained together until 1999.

Her mother was shaken after the death. Her father was a Georgian pastor. There is no information about her education. Given the fact she was 11 years old, she was attending high school. But exactly which school remains a mystery.

Her mother LaShun shared a very close relationship with Xenia. Upon her death, LaShun was completely shaken and very much grieved.

What Happened To The Celebrity Child?

The best source of information for Xenia remains her mother’s autobiography. According to the book of the gospel singer, her daughter died abruptly of a heart attack in 2001.

Yet, several years later, LaShun said her daughter was bullied mercilessly at school because of her weight. At the time of her passing, Xenia weighed 291 lbs and stood 5 ft 6 inches tall.

In the same interview, LaShun revealed that one year, her daughter bought Valentine’s Day cards for all her classmates, but discovered every card in the garbage at the end of the day.

In February 2001, Xenia fell in class. And on February 21, she already passed away at 11 years of age. The autopsy showed she had an enlarged heart.

The death of Xenia sent her mother into a deep depression. In one interview, the famous singer said, “As much as I knew God and how to pray, I was still lost”.

Five years after her demise, on February 26th, Xenia was laid to rest in South Fulton’s Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens.

Remembering Her Daughter

The famous gospel singer couldn’t help but grieve for her daughter many years later. On August 31, 2019, on the day Xenia would have turned 30, she paid tribute on social media.

Speaking about her late daughter, she wrote, “Great Sabbath morning to all! It’s been 18 years ago when the Lord called my 1st born to heaven, today she would’ve been 30 years old; help me celebrate with heaven. Xenia Pace Rhodes. Yet loving you, we will meet again, over on the other shore”.

Meeting In Heaven

Some might say her mother knew it was coming. Depression is not something you can easily get over. Yet, LaShun didn’t pass away from depression and sadness. She died of organ failure. Waiting for kidney transplantation, the gospel singer passed away in March 2022, nearly three years after she paid tribute to her late daughter saying they will meet in heaven.

The founding member of The Anointed Pace Sisters passed away at 60 years of age. She has been on dialysis for five years and waited for a new kidney. She passed away in an Atlanta hospital, according to her sister Lydia Pace.

Her management team confirmed the news on social media on March 21, with the statement reading, “Official announcement from the Pace Family. Please keep @loveaarion and the entire family in your thoughts and prayers. Official information will be provided later”.

The legendary vocalist released eight studio albums during her career. At one point, she even worked as an actress. Nowadays, many people remember her as the Angel of Mercy in Steve Martin’s 1992 film Leap of Faith.

In 2007, the famous musician was inducted into the Christian Music Hall of Fame. Her daughter Aarion Pace Rhodes continued her legacy and keeps the family name alive.

Net Worth

How much money did LaShun Pace have at the time of her passing? Many people remember her as one of the wealthiest and most popular gospel singers.

According to some sources, her net worth was $1.5 million at the time of her passing.

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