3 outfits for how to wear a trench coat to go with the trends in 2021

The classic trench coat has remarkably maintained its spot as one of the top iconic fashion pieces in streetwear. With a history dating back to over a hundred years ago, the stylish trench coat has a history of tattered and torn days and is now commonly worn out of respect for history and fashion. Here’s a look at the background of the coat and three ways to wear the garment with relevance to 2021 trends.

History of the Trench Coat

Created as a uniform for Army officers, the trench coat dates back to before the First World War. It wasn’t until the Great War that the coat caught fashion’s eye and began to be worn by laypersons. Officers wore coats with double-breasted pockets, buttons, and waterproof fabric, khaki in color. Each feature served a specific military purpose. Shoulder straps balanced waist belts, features that allowed soldiers to station tools while dwelling in the trenches.

Burberry’s Claim to Fame

Who designed the coat? The debate rests around designers John Emary and Thomas Burberry, though no one knows for certain. Both Emary and Burberry’s connections to military establishments allowed their designs to be of notice to consumers well into the present day.

Streetwear-Approved, Then and Now

Various waterproof fabrics made the coat practical and fashionable, explaining why the coat became so popular for streetwear. The trench coat appeared on the big screen during Hollywood’s golden age, intriguing audiences to wear the jackets. Today, the iconic staple remains a sought-after garment. Celebrities from Audrey Hepburn to Kate Moss rocked the carpet in trench coats.

Three 2021 Trench Coat Looks

  1. The Modern-Classic: The classic khaki trench coat featured with high boots and an army cap completed an outfit for the military back in the day. Now that the coat is mainstream, the classic-colored coat can be fashioned with a side-swept beret and heels or dress shoes. Tops to wear underneath include turtlenecks or sweaters matched with neck scarves. Bottoms to wear include black slacks or form-fitting jeans.
  2. The Unisex Casual: Today, people wear trench coats that blend masculine and feminine energies. The high-waisted belt of the original jacket is still used today as the center that makes the coat unisex. Common sightings of the trench coat are in plaid, suede, and leather, maintaining their weatherproof finishes that corresponded to the original use and purpose of the coat’s creation. These statement jackets are typically paired with ankle-framed slacks, skinny jeans, or dress pants and are worn with ballet flats or modern combat-style boots.
  3. The Formal Attire: For special occasions, fabrics such as leather and denim make up the body of the jackets, and these looks are paired with neutral dresses or suits and close-toed shoes for a polished look.

The Main Idea

Trench coat fashions have evolved to meet the complex changes of modern times and fashion ideals. The next time you put on your trench coat, you can feel both in-style and knowledgeable about the garment’s history and its place in streetwear today.

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