Ways to Say Thanks to the Essential Workers in Your Life

A simple show of appreciation can make quite a difference, especially when it comes to essential workers who could use the additional motivation and encouragement to help them to achieve their full professional potential. From office parties and corporate events to a thoughtful thank you gift, there are plenty of ways to ensure that employees, staff and associates continue to feel valued and appreciated.

Praise and Positive Feedback

While it may seem obvious, singling out an employee and offering a few words of praise can have a transformative effect on their attitude and outlook. Workers who do not receive positive feedback may begin to feel forgotten, ignored or undervalued. Making an extra effort to praise an employee for their good work can do wonders for workplace morale. Singling out a worker in order to offer praise in private can also help to ensure that an employee feels recognized and validated. Praising positive feedback to workers during a private one-on-one meeting may also be of benefit for employees who may feel less than comfortable receiving praise in public.

Celebrating Accomplishment

Making it a habit to celebrate sales goals, professional milestones and other work-related accomplishments can also be of enormous benefit. Allowing a major professional milestone to go unnoticed or unrecognized can result in even the most dedicated and loyal employees questioning their priorities. Celebrating those workers who put forth their best effort, go the extra mile or whose efforts have been invaluable to the team or department can help to ensure that employers are better able to create and maintain a positive workplace culture and atmosphere.

Parties and Events

Those who work in a demanding profession like teachers or healthcare workers are often prone to burnout and other stress-related problems. Social events that provide essential workers with the opportunity to meet outside the office can be a great way to unwind and de-stress while fostering a sense of camaraderie. Arranging a thank you event for those employees who have had to work through difficult challenges or situations that have been exceptionally stressful can often be well worth the time, effort or expense involved. From employee birthday parties and retirement celebrations to social events that celebrate quarterly performances or sales goals, even a small party or social event can be a great way to show employees how important they are.

Gifts and Rewards

The scheduling, logistics and other planning efforts needed to arrange an event means that an office party is not always the most practical option. A unique gift basket or other specialized appreciation gifts are often much easier to arrange. Selecting gifts for each worker can be an ideal solution when it comes to finding ways to celebrate worker appreciation events for teachers, healthcare workers and other essential professions. Hickory Farms offers a range of gourmet gift baskets that are sure to be a hit with employees, staff and associates.

Benefits and Perks

Employee perks are a great option for cash-strapped businesses and employers who are seeking a way to show their appreciation that won’t place too much strain on their available budget. Providing scheduling perks, temporarily relaxing the official dress code in order to ensure that workers are able to be more comfortable or providing access to a more desirable parking spot are all appreciation gifts that can make an impact without breaking the bank. Offering small perks and temporary benefits alongside a gift basket, office party or when celebrating or praising the efforts and accomplishments of individual workers can be a fantastic way to say thanks.

Small ways to express employee appreciation can make quite a difference. From positive feedback and public recognition to perks, parties and gifts, employers have a variety of ways to say thanks to the workers who make it all possible.

Written by Eric

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