How To Get Hotel Quality Sleep in Your Bedroom

Almost anyone who has been on holiday and stayed at a hotel, will almost always rave about the quality of sleep they had at the hotel, sometimes it’s a bad night’s sleep on an old mattress, but more often than not, they shout about having the best night’s sleep of their life.

So, why do we often find we get a better night’s sleep at a hotel rather than our bedrooms which we’re used to – Surely we should be sleeping better at home where we’re comfortable and relaxed?

But, hotels employ a few tricks to help their guests sleep better, so today we’ve spoken to the team at DotcomBlinds who know a thing or two about designing bedrooms for sleep, to help explain some of the tricks Hotel chains use to give you the best sleep of your life.

1. Blackout Blinds

According to the team at DotcomBlinds, one thing that sets hotels apart from normal bedrooms, is blackout blinds “Any hotel brand worth sleeping at will have blackout blinds in all of their rooms for guests”. A blackout blind is essentially a thick blind that blocks out light from leaking into a room through the windows.

As hotels will have guests arrive and leave at different times, they know that a guest may want to sleep at any time of the day, so having blackout blinds makes that a possibility. Bedrooms are kept dark so that guests can get a good snooze in anytime of the day. 

So, if you’re longing for a hotel quality snooze, you may want to invest in a set of blackout blinds.

2. Subtle Décor

DotcomBlinds tell us, “Hotel designers have a good idea of how to create a good space to sleep in and one thing they find makes it easy for people to sleep is to have subtle décor in the rooms”. This means, aspects of design like: the colour of the walls, what art is hanging up, etc. have been chosen to be as inoffensive and subtle as possible.

What this does, is effectively removes unnecessary distractions from the hotel rooms, which makes it easier to sleep in. You can recreate this yourself in your bedroom by repainting your room in gentle colours and making sure your décor pieces aren’t too attention grabbing. While it’s not a massive change on paper, in practice having less distractions in your bedroom will work wonders when you’re trying to get to sleep!

3. Fresh Sheets

Another thing that sets a night at a hotel apart from an average night at home is clean sheets, whenever you stay at a hotel your bed should have lovely fresh clean bedsheets for you. We all know the feeling of fresh bedsheets is very relaxing and helps you fall asleep.

But at home, it’s a bit too much work to wash your bedsheets every day, so to replicate this feeling at home, you should try wash your sheets at least once a week, with some high-quality fabric softener. This should keep your sheets feeling fresh for longer than usual and keep the smell of fresh sheets for longer, meaning you can have fresh feeling bedsheets most of the time.

And there you have it, three really easy things you can do at home to get hotel quality sleep every night in your bedroom. Have any of these tips helped you get a good night’s sleep? Or do you have any other tips & tricks to get a better night’s sleep at home? Let us know down in the comments section and maybe they’ll be included in a follow up!

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