5 Key Benefits of Flood Insurance

According to National Flood Services, only 12% of homeowners have flood insurance. Too many people don’t value flood insurance benefits until it’s too late. Taking this approach with your home seems risky and not the best for property protection. 

Do you ever think about how you would recover from a flooded home? Especially without an insurance policy providing the necessary coverage.

Stop debating whether you should buy flood insurance. Take a look at these 5 benefits of flood insurance to help in your decision-making.

1. Provides Property Protection

One inch of water in the home can cause significant damage. Don’t let anyone talk you out of flood insurance because you’re not in a flood zone. FEMA estimates 40% of flood claims come from people outside high-risk flood areas.

Homeowners who don’t ask the right questions have no idea their insurance doesn’t cover flood damage. Protect your property by speaking with a qualified agent. Once you understand insurance coverage, contact an agent to buy cheap flood insurance.

2. Easy to Get

Not only can you find low-cost flood insurance. But buying flood insurance is an easy process to navigate. The time it takes to get a flood insurance policy is worth what you could save in repair costs.

Most policies have a 30-day waiting period. This prevents homeowners from buying a policy at the warning of a hurricane. Flood insurance bought at the time you take out a mortgage loan is an exception to the rule.

3. Reimburses Property Loss

It’s hard to recover from the financial loss of flood damage. Floods affect more than the structure of your home. Priceless family heirlooms get destroyed as well.

Even though you can’t replace everything, you deserve reimbursement for your losses.

Monetary allowances of flood insurance coverage provide for clean-up and repairs. This includes the removal of debris in your home’s interior and exterior. You can’t return to a flooded home without remediation of mold and mildew, which gets expensive.

4. Protects Your Business Too

Ask about buying flood insurance for your business. You can have the same property protection afforded you for your home. They include compensation for your business buildings, products, and equipment.

You must get separate policies for buildings and inventory. The good thing about that is each policy has its own reimbursement limit. This could mean a $500,000 replacement from each to get your business up and running again.

5. Offers Peace of Mind

Everyone knows when hurricane season rolls around. But no one can predict the impact of a storm. Don’t take chances; stay protected year-round.

Staying protected with flood insurance gives you peace of mind in case of an emergency.

Say Yes to Flood Insurance

There’s no reason for you to not have property protection for your home and business. Especially since you can get a flood insurance policy without paying a lot of money. Gain peace of mind by adding flood insurance to your existing home insurance policy.

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Written by Eric

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