7 Women’s Beauty and Wardrobe Must-Haves for Summer

Summer is right around the corner, and for many people, that means looking forward to a vacation, taking much-deserved time off to relax around the house, and just enjoying the beautiful weather. One thing you may need to realize that has such a big impact on how well you can enjoy your summer is what you wear – so whether you’re a lady into fashion or not, knowing your summer wardrobe essentials is key. Keep reading for this year’s women’s beauty and wardrobe must-haves for summer to help you look great and enjoy most people’s favorite time of year.

Clean Whites

It doesn’t have to be the dog days of summer in July and August for white clothing to be appropriate because it keeps you nice and cool. Stay fresh and comfortable in a crisp and clean white T-shirt or button-down as temperatures rise. A clean white blouse is perfect for the golf course, the resort, or a day out with your girlfriends. Don’t neglect your footwear either – white slip-on sneakers are the perfect in-between from a casual flip-flop and a heavier (not to mention hotter) high heel. Clean white clothes are a must for every gal in summer, regardless of age, lifestyle, or aesthetics.

Linen Shorts

Comfort is key in the summer, and nothing keeps you cool, breezy, and comfortable like a pair of linen shorts. Linen is one of the most breathable fabrics but also the most versatile. A pair of linen shorts are easily dressed up or down depending on the rest of your outfit and work for an evening out or a lazy beach day. Linen pants are another great addition to a woman’s summer wardrobe for times when you want more coverage but what to keep your temperature regulated.

Feminine Scents

You may not consider the perfume you wear as a wardrobe essential, but it is. Every sartorialist knows your fragrance is the cherry on top of a well-styled outfit. Summer is full of activities, meeting new people, and budding romances. Boost your attractiveness and confidence with a new perfume like Chanel No 5, Juliette Has a Gun, or Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Perfume for Women. Perfume is a great way to leave a lasting impression at all the parties you’ll attend, events you host, or even on your regular date night with your spouse.

Braided Sandals

One trend going nowhere is the braid – from our hair to our footwear. Whether you go for platform height or thong style sandals, braids are “in.” Braided straps add a whimsical texture to any outfit and elevate the most casual summer looks, from floral to jean skirts.

Rosy Nude Lips

While lip fillers remain on trend and more women than ever are opting to enhance their pout, they’re keeping things simple this summer when it comes to color. Rosy nude lip shades are in trend and give that “no makeup” look that women have favored over the last few years. While that look requires makeup, a rosy nude lip gives your pout a natural and effortless kissability.

Jean Midi Skirts

Speaking of denim skirts, the midi-length denim skirt is having a major moment this summer. It’s the perfect length to remain modest but cool in scorching summer temperatures. Pair it with a breezy peasant-style blouse or a more sensual body suit tucked into the skirt with a belt. There are countless ways to style this wardrobe staple, one trend you’ll keep returning to every summer.

Baby Bangs

Want to refresh your hair this summer as part of your wardrobe? One trend you’ll see everywhere is the baby bang. While curtain bangs have dominated the fashion world for years, the people have spoken and have had enough! Go short or go home! Baby bangs look flattering on virtually all face types and hair lengths, so play with this fun trend and give yourself a new “do” as you enter summer.

While everyone’s tastes may differ, no matter your age or style, the above trends are something any woman can incorporate into her existing wardrobe. Not only will you stay on trend, but these are also easy and practical styling tips you may hold onto forever. Step into summer carefree by implementing the above today and making your wardrobe and beauty choices easy. Happy Summer!

Written by Eric

37-year-old who enjoys ferret racing, binge-watching boxed sets and praying. He is exciting and entertaining, but can also be very boring and a bit grumpy.