Best Countries for UK Expats

There are many reasons why someone might want to up sticks and move abroad whether this is for work, a relationship or just for an exciting new chapter in their life. There are UK ex-pats located all over the world, but where are a few of the most attractive and common destinations for those looking for a change of scenery?


For those sick of the UK weather, Australia is a good choice and certainly somewhere that you will find many British ex-pats. In addition to much warmer weather, Australia also has many great cities, incredible natural scenery and excellent work opportunities with many thriving sectors. Additionally, it is somewhere that is easy to settle with no language or cultural barriers for Brits.


Canada is a destination that is becoming increasingly common for ex-pats and not just Brits. Canada has universal healthcare, excellent education, a thriving economy and it is known for being somewhere that is friendly, progressive and welcoming. On top of this, you have major cities like Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto to choose from along with incredible and vast natural beauty.


While Spain does speak a different language, the fact that there is such a large UK expat community here means that it is easy enough to get by particularly in the resort areas. Obviously, the weather, beaches, culture and natural scenery are a major pulling factor for Spain but it is also somewhere that prioritises work-life balance so many lead an enjoyable lifestyle here. Keep in mind that Brexit will change the rules on this.

New Zealand

Another country that is on the rise in terms of ex-pats is New Zealand. It is somewhat that is known for its progressive politics and stunning landscapes, but it is also a good place for work with places like Auckland and Wellington thriving in industries such as engineering, finance, health and education. It is also known to be somewhere that is friendly, prioritises a work-life balance and there is also no language barrier. Therefore, it is no surprise that many that move here look to renounce their citizenship, which might seem like a stressful process but can be made easy with the help of expatriation experts.

These are just a few of the most popular places for UK ex-pats and all places that can provide a fantastic lifestyle for those looking to move abroad. It will always be a major move and a big life decision, but places like this are all popular for a reason and will have a large expat community which can always be helpful.

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