Designing Your Home Or Buying Beautifully Furnished House Has Never Been Easier

When buying a new home you have one of two options, either you design your house and buy your furniture according to your preference, or buy an already furnished house and save yourself the time and effort of shopping for furniture and choosing wall colors. If you are planning to move to a new house, this article will provide you with the needed information and pros and cons of designing your home or buying an already furnished house.

Designing Your Home

Designing your home means that every part of the house has your personal touch. The colors, fabric, style, and material, everything conveys your personality and lifestyle. However, choosing every detail of the house and moving the furniture, and painting the walls will take some time. Many people choose to design their house over buying an already furnished house because it is so much fun and adds a personal touch to their homes. Here are some tips for decorating your house to make it look great, and less time consuming:

First, Set the Tone at the Front Door

Painting your front door with a fun color will give a good impression of your house. Choose your favorite color or a color hue that matches the wall colors of your house. Aside from giving your home a cool outlook, it feels great when you come home and get welcomed by fun colors that open to your comfort zone.

Choose Neutral Colors for the Wall Paint

Light and neutral colors are flexible, so if you want to change the decor of your house or change the whole style and colors of it, you won’t have to repaint the walls to match the new style. Beige and gray are the best colors that would go with everything. Moreover, light colors make the rooms look larger. The specialists at recommend that you seek the help of professionals to add their expertise to your style, to get the best results. Professionals can help you see things from a different perspective that might make you change your mind.

Make the Living Room More Inviting

The way you arrange the chairs and the sofa affects the mood and vibe of the room. Since the living room is where you meet your guests and where family members spend most of their time together, so it should be welcoming and invite good, warm conversations. The best arrangement would be the U-shape setting, have the chairs face the sofa, and place a coffee table between them. Note that if you want to make the room look larger, avoid pushing the furniture against the walls.

Mirrors and Wall Art

Many studies showed that, when a person looks at a piece of art, they feel better. Find your favorite wall art and hang it on the wall. However, make sure you scale them properly. Paintings, posters, or any type of wall art adds life and style to your house. As for mirrors, they make rooms look brighter, but be careful where you put them as they need to be perpendicular to the windows, not across from them. For a brighter house, hang at least one mirror in every room.

Buy an Already Furnished House

Buying a furnished house can be easier than having to design and decorate your new home. However, you don’t get to choose every item in your house, so it lacks the personal touch. Many people don’t care about adding their personal touch as long as they like the house and the furniture. Below are a few tips to keep in mind when you are buying a furnished house.

Create a List of Damaged Items

Make a list of each item in the house and examine them for damage. Moreover, you can take photos of the furniture and the damaged parts so when you are closing the deal, you can get a discount to make up for the damaged items.

Search for the Real Market Price of Furniture

Determine the price of every piece of furniture in the house and look up the prices of similar items in the market. This way you will have a good idea about the real price range of the furniture, so if the seller asked for a higher price, you can negotiate the prices based on real information.

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Buying a furnished house cuts the costs of moving old furniture or buying new material to decorate your house from A to Z. However, some people prefer to decorate and design their house, and the fun of it makes up for the extra effort. Each one of these options has its benefits, and people choose according to their budget, time frame, and personal preference. No matter what you choose, make sure you are 100% comfortable and satisfied with your new home.

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